Autumn is on its way…

…but am not ready to say good bye to the Summer just yet. The weather this summer has not been too bad, a little bit of rain but we also had some really nice and sunny days. And this summer himself and I have been on some cool adventures here in Ireland.


We went for a fishing trip to the West of Ireland, at a little pond called Rinroe pond. Well himself was doing the fishing and I was an observer and documenter [hehe]. It was a bit cooler when we went there, hence the winter jackets. When doing rod fishing you have to get up very early in the morning and spend the late hours in the evening, it was very interesting and also fun when we caught a few biggies.

I have been working with the ink pencils as well in between, and here you see a selection of  them. I enjoy doing the abstract tree’s and they’re sort of taking form as I go along. It is extremely relaxing just letting your creative mind control the direction of the pens.


Grandchild number two was born at the beginning of August🙂 a baby girl. I can’t wait to go to Sweden and meet them all.

We managed to do a trip down to West Cork as well this year, we spent a little over a week down there, and it is a gorgeous are to visit there’s so many things to see and beautiful spots by the sea. I love anything related to the sea, the weather was a bit varied while we were there, both sunny and the last few days it got very windy and wet. But it was still gorgeous.

As many of you might know himself is a garden designer, and he does not only design and build gardens, he also specialise in treehouse’s and in the video above is the Bespoke treehouse that he designed and built a couple of years ago. You will see the progress from start to finish.

Take a look at his website to see more of his previous work and projects:


Different techniques

I am progressing with the course but I am not rushing too fast I am taking time practicing. And of course my normal day job takes up a lot of time during the week. I am working mostly using the ink pens and am also trying different techniques,such as charcoal it’s really nice to work with. 

This is the illustration for the day, it took me several hours and a lot of patient to create it but it was so much worth it and really fun too. 

This is the same eye as I have created using graphite pencils but here I have used charcoal, it was abit tricky but not so bad when you get the hang of it. 

It’s a new week ahead and you never know what lurks behind the bend, that’s what makes life interesting. Or as forest gump said; life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get. I sort of like that expression. Why complicate things and plan life to the minute, when you can just take it for what it is and simplify it. 

As long as I get my coffee every day I am in heaven he he

Illustrating has never been more fun!

Hello again,

I am now a few weeks into the course and I have to say that it is so much fun. Don’t think I have spent so much drawing in a very long time. There is a lot of practice involved but that’s how to do it, and I better practice controlling those lines.

To become an illustrator you need to invest a lot of hours practicing with your pens, I simply love getting lost in what I do with the pens, and I really love working in the old fashioned way however, I will eventually get into the digital way of drawing as well and get one of those pads you can draw on which you connect to your computer. I am exited about that actually.

Here you see a selection of different drawings that I have been working on this week, and the purpose has been to control the lines with the ink pen, except for the eye drawing, here I have simply been practicing on getting the details right.


I still have a few sections to go through before it’s time for the first assignment, so I’d better mosy on as they say. I will be back again with more updates on the progress.



To illustrate is FUN!

This week has been interesting since I started the new course, it also meant I had to go back to the basics in drawing, but there are never any shortcuts and it is fun going back to start working on perspectives and details.


Here I have been working on some expressions and I am working on some animals, just to practice.


Here are some funny cats, by drawing these I am venturing into a new path sort of, since I haven’t done that many animals previously, except for my mice of course.

Well, some say that practice makes perfect, here is just some doodles I made of some pieces. At the moment I haven’t any big project going on, so have plenty of time to practice with the pens and using different techniques.


Illustrating Children’s Books

Hello again!

Hope that you’re all are enjoying the summer, unfortunately here in Ireland we have had a little set back in the weather, but that is Ireland for you. The weather is ever changing and you gotta enjoy the good weather when it arrives.

Anyway, nuff said, I have finally started to venture down a path I have been wanting to do for a long time now, and signed up for a course in Illustrating Children’s Books. I am now studying with London Art College and I received my study material yesterday, it was waiting for me when I got home from work. I am so exited.


To start a course like this means you need to go back to the basics a little bit, working with lines, but it’s always good to do a refresher. And I must say that I really enjoy it, I love to sit and do the warm-up drawings, to sort of loosen up your pen strokes a bit. To work with ink pencils are fantastic.


This is a sample of my exercise for today, here I have worked with lines, shapes and shades. While I was working away on this set, I just drew what was coming to my mind.


I have had these books for a while now, and they will come in handy during this course. I will have up to two years to complete the whole course, and my tutor is Maggy Roberts an illustrator with over 30 years experience as an art tutor. So you can imagine that I feel honoured to partake in this course.


This is another exercise I’ve been doing, learning to draw cartoon characters. This is really fun, and I can feel my artistic mojo coming back again.


English Classic Car – WIP

I hadn’t planned on doing any new post this week, but as it happened I started to work on this new illustration of this beautiful classic car. I have actually painted it before, but it was a part of another illustration where I had put together several classic cars, all English. And I have posted that illustration here below.

Now I am making this car in a much larger scale, this is one of the cars I really love. It looks very simple, but I think that is what is making it so beautiful. There is a lot of details that is sort of sticking out more if you make it larger.

In this illustration I am using Daler Rowney’s paper 20 x 16 inches, and in this image I have just finished the outlining with the ink.

If you’d like to see more of my work, press on the link below and it will take you to my website:



I have not been doing any new work in a while, life has sort of kept me busy with other things. But having some time off work every now and again is good, and it’s an opportunity to reflect on what is important in life, well work of course is important but one should not let it RUN your life. There is a lot more to it than that, your job is of course bringing money and put foods on the table and a roof over your head, but it is just a fraction of what Life really is. We should live it to the fullest and piece in those little things that we enjoy doing in between all the stress and demands, that for some, our work is putting us under.

Well, I couldn’t write this post without adding a little wee bit of wisdom in there🙂

How to stay motivated

Have you ever asked yourself how do You stay motivated? Well, I think there are many with me that has had that question in your head from time to time. It is to easy to get caught up in the so called rat race, especially in today’s economical situation. And I think we also spend too much time looking over at our neighbour, thinking they seem to have it all. But is that what you really want?  Do you want what your neighbour has? Or do you want to pursue your own dreams and wishes?

For starters, it is not certain that your neighbour has it all, it might just seem that way at a first glance, they might go through their own struggles but may be good at camouflage them.

It is much better to focus on your own wishes and dreams and go after what you want for you and not what everybody else has. It would be very boring if we all had the same things don’t you think?

Life has so much to offer if we just dare to explore it, and just being grateful for what it is. However sometimes circumstances can prevent us from doing what we want and my favourite expression is that Rome was not built in one day. And if we can keep us self motivated in the meantime then it is really helpful, but sometimes it may be difficult to stay motivated. Especially when you are feeling stressed out and worry about all sorts of things.

Since my dear dad died sudden in a car accident almost twenty years ago, it changed my way of viewing life. Things that were important before and stressed me  became less important. I started to see things differently and I was starting to take life more as it comes. Not making so many stressful plans, but instead enjoying life for what it is. But then again I had to go through a lot of things to get to that point. But I tried to keep myself motivated and do the things I wanted to do and not what other people expected me to do. Never erase yourself for anybody else.

Follow your own goals and dreams! Well it took me some time to figure out my own goals but think I am getting there slowly but surely. The circumstances are different now from what they were twenty odd years ago. No one was really giving a rats as what I did, they were so busy playing the judgemental game and it made me resenting my own country even. But I was given an opportunity that I simply couldn’t miss and I am happy that I started to walk that path. It meant starting from scratch, literally, and believing in myself.

And I motivate myself today by telling myself that I am good enough and I can do anything that I set my mind to. You just have to believe, and life has no short cuts so a great deal of patience is needed as well.

You can do it!

It’s bliss to be back home!!

I say that because Ireland has become my home, and after ten years living here I keep thinking where did the time go? I remember the first day I arrived in 2006, it was on a Saturday so I would have one day to get to know the place, and it was Cork city at the time, before it was time to put on the work suit. Well not really but you really wanted to look your best on your first day at work. These guys have never met me before, since they were interviewing me over the phone while I was still in Sweden. 

Oh boy, it was a time filled with all sorts of things and worries. Here I was in a new country, having to get use to the language even though I was doubting I would ever be able to follow their language, they were speaking so fast it was unreal, the sentences to me was one long blurb. But funnily enough it took a couple of months then I was in the game, and could follow and even get the Irish jokes lol! Well now in fairness my English was already good when I arrived so I did have some advantage compared to some that had nada English in the background. 

My first job was to work for Apple, and you would think that was a posh job, but we really had to work hard. But one good thing though, you had the opportunity to have great tools to work with. ‘Spose that’s a good thing right? Anyhow it’s not only the job you were worried about, you need some place to live and that would make you feel comfortable in your new country. And that would prove to be a challenge, the rent was so bloomin’ expensive so to have a place on your own was out of the question. Eventually I found a house that I shared with two other girls. But still I had this nagging feeling that sharing is not my thing.

So after two years I was having my own place ( renting of course) and my own car and boy did that feel good or what?! Freedom!! One haux though, they drive on the wrong side here!!! I was used to drive on he right side of the road, and now I had to drive on the left side, very confusing. Don’t know how many times i was dying to myself…think left…left!!! But a couple of days driving around in cork city and that problem was solved. Now days it feels weird to be back in my home country and being on the other side. 

I feel so glad to be back home after four weeks in Scandinavia, I did get my fair share of the a area for a while, and to live in a box is not the ideal but you do what you have to do when you’re out there working. 

Enjoy sitting here in our garden absorbing some D vitamins after a spin with the cycling club this morning. And feeling pure BLISS!!! This IS my home!!!

Take care and never postpone life, live here and now!!

Nuf said 

Well, week three has now been completed and it was not too bad. I arrived here in Stockholm on Sunday a week ago, and when arriving at the hotel and seeing my room, I felt ah – I like this place, the room were less sterile in a way. This hotel is an older building and I think it use to be some sort of military house previously. You can sort of tell by the design and how it looks.


Being here in Sweden makes it a bit easier of course,  I can speak my native language, navigate well in the city etc. But, after three weeks I am starting to get a bit home-sick, but am trying to make the most of my stay here. Today, Saturday, I got up early and went into the city to walk around in my favorite part of Stockholm city, the Old city or as we say Gamla Stan. It’s an old part of the city [hence the name] beside and around the royal castle.


I love these buildings at Stortoget, it’s an open square covered in cobble stones and there’s a big sort of statue thingy in the middle, you have the nobel museum there and some restaurants. I was out walking at 9.30am this morning and did cover some distance. It’s nice when you get to a place that you are familiar with, you know the places to go to, the coffee places etc. I started at a coffee place called Gråmunken [the Gray Monk] where I had a coffee and a cinnamon bun [of course]. The way they make coffee here is just amazing, you always get your caffee latte served in a glass, and the coffee tastes so much stronger and nice.


This is how a typical Swedish cinnamon bun looks like and they are absolutely gorgeous.


Here is Stadshuset, Stockholm City Hall, and if you look at the top of the tower you’ll see the typical Three Crowns, that is the national sign for Sweden. The Three Crowns. And if you are a fan of ice hockey, you might have heard the name of the Swedish national team, they are called Three Crowns, mainly because they have the symbol on their jersey’s.


I was amazed to see that this old telephone booth still stood there, these were very common in the past along the streets. But as far as I know there is only one left, I did not come across others during my walk today.


This is the narrowest “street” in Gamla stan, Mårten Trotzigs Gränd it’s called, and not sure if it’s correct to call it a street, it’s only a narrow step between two buildings.And as you can imagine, the old city is sort of built on a hilly place, there are steep streets, steps and you can spend hours just walking around between the houses. I love these narrow streets and almost all of them are covered with cobble stones.



There is one street here that is sort of the main street, the side of the street is covered with swedish gift shops, design boutiques, coffee places and restaurants. I try to avoid this street even though I enjoy walking among the people here funnily enough. I try to avoid crowds, but in a city with a lot of tourists it is hard. But, I did find some streets that was very quiet, like the ones on the pictures above. And after six hours of non-stop walking I felt it was time to head back to the hotel to take some rest and prepare myself for my next journey, which will take me to Oslo in Norway. This time I will travel by train and that should be interesting I would think. Oslo, will be my last stop before I finally head back to Ireland and normality again. And as much as I love travelling, being on a business trip is a lot different from doing a leisure trip I tell you that much.

I will be back next week for another update, then from a snowy [I think] Oslo.