Mice Illustrations



This is one of my first mice illustrations which I created back in 2005, that is when I started with these small creatures. Why mice? I really don’t know, it sort of just happened. I might have been a little inspired by Beatrix Potter perhaps, and wanted to create those in my own way. Putting them into different human situations, I really enjoy drawing them. 







This is an even earlier one than the one above, I have used watercolour pencils here. This was before I started to use the watercolour paint for my illustrations.



This one is a favourite, the curious mouse finding all sorts of things in the drawer.



This original is SOLD! 



Here I have worked on the theme Friendship where the mice and the cat play together and even share the cheese 



I really enjoyed creating this illustration, I was using some of the things in my kitchen at the time and created this ‘play ground’ for the mice. 



This is a later illustration from 2012, here I have started to use the watercolour paint for my illustrations.



This one is a favourite too. I have more of these illustrations but I will post them at a later stage. I have so much artwork in my storage.

If you would like to buy prints of my art press here and it will take you to one of my online shops. If you would be interested in the actual original, just drop me an email.

Happy Sunday!






Eyes and random thoughts



Here I have been practising drawing eyes. I never thought there were so many details in an eye, and all the reflections and shadows. One of these is of my own eye actually.


This week has been crazy busy at work, and I’m so very happy that the weekend is here. I have some art planned, working on a commission that I really need to finish before we’re heading off to Sweden to meet family and the little grandson. And when we come home we will concentrate on the wedding plans. Create our own invitations, meet with the registry office, organise things…it’s all so exiting!

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!

The beauty at sea

I have always loved being by the sea, and have always lived close to the sea. I grew up on the west coast of Sweden a little bit north from Gothenburg. The sea has always fascinated me with its power and beauty. Imagine sitting by the sea on a warm summers day, feeling the breeze gently touching you and hearing the waves rolling in. To me that is extremely relaxing. I am really looking forward to the summer season especially on a rough day like this when we have strong winds with rain. It has been a very wet and windy winter here in Ireland. So some sun and warm weather is more than welcome.

I started to paint and draw boats a few years ago, a year before I started doing the cars actually. I love creating a quiet picture, that gives a sense of peace and quiet to the viewer.

These boat pictures below has all been made by using watercolour. And all these can be bought as prints or if you’d like to buy the originals just let me know.

Happy Monday!




‘The Marina’ 12 x 14 inches



‘tranquility’ 9 x 12 inches



‘quietness’ 12 x 9 inches


Weekend is finally here!

I love it when the weekend comes, because that means I will have more time to work on my creative work as I would call my ‘real’ job. I do like my ‘normal’ job though. And the artwork, is such a contrast from what I do during my normal work hours, that it relaxes me immensely. When I am working on something creative I loose track of time, that is in fact the only time I would forget to drink my coffee if I have a cup beside me. That is how absorbed I get in my work. But I do love it greatly.

This morning I went out on a refreshing run, it is a nice way to gain some extra boost of energy. And for breakfast Peter and I went down to the Fire House Bakery to have our coffee/tea and a gorgeous sandwich. We often go here and can highly recommend it, their breads are fantastic and they have a little restaurant where you can sit down having your lunch or just a coffee/tea with some nice scones or even pastry. And further in they also have a little shop where you can buy lots of goodies, cheeses, wines, food and what have you.

Today I really need to get going on one of my commissions, which will contains a lot of calligraphy handwriting. It is a process I really like and you really need a lot of time working on those things. You don’t really rush with Calligraphy, it’s a process building up the text or whatever you’re working on. 



A piece of calligraphy art I made previously, I love creating those types of things.



It’s my son Tom’s birthday today, he’s turning 22. And a few weeks ago he became a father, so much looking forward to go home to visit them in a couple weeks. Tom has gotten my artistic genes, obviously. He is good at drawing and he is a very good musician. He’s an awesome drummer. Here a sample of one of his tunes he produces his own music these days. 


Vintage car illustrations




Aston Martin 1960 – I created this illustration/painting last year. 





Chevrolet – I have created to versions of this same car, this one in watercolour and another one where I have been using ink.


This original of the Corvette is SOLD! It went to a collector in El Paso, TX.


This original of the Mercedes Benz has been SOLD! It went to a buyer in the UK.

Some of you might wonder why classic cars? Well, actually it all started out as a tribute to my dad that was a truck driver. And I thought it would be a great idea to honour his memory by creating a few car illustrations. I started out with six of them. And when I had finished these, I said to myslef ‘this is fun’! So, since then I have just kept them coming. That was back in early 2012, so two year has passed and I think I have reached some 50 pcs by now. 

And the truth is I really enjoy creating those, mainly due to all the details as I love working with details. And they also have a charm that you don’t find in the cars we have today. Today the cars looks almost the same, streamlined design and less character. However I do have my favourites among the newer cars. I am driving a Volvo myself and really love it. It’s not because I am Swedish that I decided to go for one, but I love them because of the comfort, safety and nice design. YES, I do love cars and often spend time looking around while walking in the city or even driving. I remember one Saturday morning, I was ending up behind an old Mercedes – it must have been from the late 30’s or so. But it was so well kept, it was a joy to see it and I couldn’t help but smiling when I passed by it. I even put my thumb up to the driver while passing by. 

These cars has sort of become my trademark, I stick to my style because it seems to be working. But now I feel I need some challenges. And every time I receive a commission to make, I really love it!! 

I remember at the beginning when I started to make the cars, it was not an easy task to get the proportions right. To fit the head lights in the right line and angle. But then after a while when I had been creating a few, I started to get it. And now I enjoy creating them in a certain angle to create a cool experience for the viewer and also to make them stand out. At the moment I don’t have a new car in process, but I have a few ideas I would like to work on. But I will post about that later.

Well, hope you all enjoy your Thursday and the weekend is just around the corner.

~ Eva Ason ~

Easter Bunnies




I have been a little creative this weekend and created these two Easter Bunnies. 

You can buy greeting cards of the card above here and the card below here .




It’s crazy how quick the weeks passes, we’re already gone through nearly 3 months of this year. A lot of things has happened, I recently became a grandmother, and I think this is inspiring me to create those pictures. I am really looking forward to travel to go see them soon, and also to see rest of the family. 



When I am out taking photographs I love working with reflections. And it doesn’t really matter what the subject might be. Whether it is reflections in the water or in a window, I always try to look for composition in my pictures. For me, and I think many of my fellow photograph friends would agree with me, that to do photography is a type of art. It has taken me some years to reach this far, to use a camera properly. Well, I am still learning as I go.

Today I am going to show some of my photographs where I have been working with reflections. Many of them are taken in various places around Dublin. 


This is one that I took in January along the quays in Dublin city.  The bridge on the picture is called Ha’Penny (Half penny) Bridge. There was a full moon and it was reflecting beautifully in the river. So I thought I should make a nice picture out of this. It was a little tricky to get the moon inside the picture frame, to have it shown both at the sky and in the water. I wanted to have the mirroring effect. I had to take many shots though, but that’s the charm about photography, you just simply snap away.



Here’s another one shot at the same bridge but on the other side. It is slowly starting to get darker, but you can still see the blueish sky reflecting in the river.



Something I really love experimenting with is to catch a glimpse of a building or something else in a window. As a window reflection. I have taken many of those types of pictures. As you go along you train your eyes to see the angles and such.



Here is a typical one where I have taken a picture of the opera house in Gothenburg, and you see another building mirrored in the windows. The opera house is sitting beside the guest harbour in the city. The building you see in the reflections is what we call the ‘lipstick’ mainly because of it’s shape and colour.


This is a night shot of Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin city. The white arm that reach up in the air is resembling a harp, and in the day light you’ll also see the wires that is it’s strings. In the picture below you see how it looks like in daylight.



This picture was taken on a beautiful day in November 2013, and note that it is very rare that the river is this still as on this picture. But on this particular day it was gorgeous. No strong winds, clear blue sky – it was simply beautiful.



Here is a tall ship that is sitting at the harbour along the docks of Dublin city. There are some ripples in the water, but the ship is reflecting nicely in it. 


Here is the same tall ship taken from the other side of the river.


This is the custom house in Dublin city, taken on that same sunny day in November.


Here is another one where I have caught the clock tower of Dublin Castle inside another window.



This is a picture I’ve taken back in Sweden, I just love when the clouds are mirrored in the lake like this.

Well, this was just a little collection of my photos over the past few years where I have been working with reflections. This year we have a few trips planned so I will come back with some new pictures soon. In April we are taking a trip to Gothenburg to visit family and of course my cameras are going with me. Gothenburg is an old Harbour city on the West coast of Sweden. 



An enthusiast caught in action, a friend of mine took this snap of me while I was focusing on shooting the Ha’Penny Bridge. You’re standing in the most peculiar positions at times while trying to take the best photo of the subject. I just thought this would be a funny one to share.

Well, that’s it for today I think. I will be back again with some more pictures & artwork.




Calligraphy Art

I also have a passion for doing calligraphy handwriting, and usually I try to develop my own style. And the reason I love calligraphy handwriting is because I enjoy creating things with my hands. I know we do have a lot of tools at hand these days to create graphics and texts via the computer and various applications and software. But I still love working the old way by using my ruler and pens to draw up a text or whatever it might be. There is a certain satisfaction in doing so, for me anyway.

Recently I have started to create artwork by combining calligraphy letters and imaging, then again everything is done by hand. I mainly create my art in four different stages.

1) Drawing up the picture

2) Colouring the background

3) Colouring the images

4) Doing the finish by using an ink pen






This is an ongoing project I’ve been working on since 2012, I have still not gotten through the whole alphabet. But I will get there soon enough. Most of my art can be bought at the following website: http://1-eva-ason.artistwebsites.com/ follow this link and it will take you directly to the shop. I am updating this site regularly so make sure to check in often, and sometimes I do have special offers as well.

My art is my hobby and it’s such a contrast from my daytime job, that it relaxes my mind and I can easily loose track of time while I am in the creative mood. But as an artist that is a very good place to be at, when you feel the inspiration flowing. At the moment I am working on various objects, I have a small commission for wedding invitations that I am currently working on. And after that I will need to design the wedding invitations for my own wedding later this year. I have a new sail boat coming up, that is sitting there waiting to be coloured. I do have a soft spot for the sea, as I grew up on the west coast of Sweden. And for those of you that has had the opportunity to visit there know what I am talking about. You will most likely see a post in the future showing pictures from Gothenburg and the area around it. 

Have a fantastic Sunday!


Photography made simple








I have always liked doing photography, and am self taught. I love catching THE moment of places I visit. These two pictures are of Temple Bar in Dublin which I took earlier in January this year.  I love shooting reflections. The below picture is of Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin. And this particular evening the river was like a mirror and it’s not so often you see the river being so calm and quiet. We often or most of the time have some breeze blowing and some days it can be really windy. So on a day like this particular day you really want to take advantage of the weather. And being a photographer, I love bringing my cameras out and do some simple shooting. 




It takes a lot of practice to take great photographs like these. Usually I am simply snapping away while I am out and take around 200-300 pictures. Many of them goes directly in the ‘bin’ due to various reasons. I have become more critical and find it easier to delete a picture if it does not turn out good, if it’s a little bit blurry or if there has been a movement while shooting. 

But my art and photography goes hand in hand, with the camera I am using the view finder while with the art I am using my pen and brushes. I am kind of implementing my photographic skills/eye while I am drawing. To create the depth in my drawings/paintings. 

I have always loved travelling and being out in the countryside. I have always had a passion for the wild nature, and the amazing views. Here below are some pictures I’ve taken up in the Wicklow mountains. This particular day it was extremely windy, stormy rather, but the views were breathtaking. No matter when I go there, I am always in awe of the beauty of it whether it is sunny or cloudy. The wild and harsh nature makes it simply gorgeous in my opinion. Judge for yourself and hope you enjoy these views.







Now when the spring is approaching, there will be a lot of days and evenings where we will be out and about. And the camera is usually with me at all times. You never know when a great picture present itself. I always like being prepared for that shot. Another trip to the Wicklow mountains and Glendalough is scheduled at some stage, so stay tuned for more beautiful views. Wicklow is one of the most beautiful places I have encountered during my 7+ years living in Ireland. Reminds me pretty much of the northern parts of Sweden, where we have the mountains and wild nature. 

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” 
― Ansel Adams

Art made simple


I started to draw when I was a little girl and I was scribbling and doodling on every piece of paper I could find. I remember at every Christmas my parents gave me new paper to draw on. And I was drawing a lot. Unfortunately I don’t have any of my early drawings but that is how I started my journey as an artist.

But it should take some 30 years before I really got in to it. In the mean time I had two children, who are now adults and living their own lives. And it wasn’t until early 2011 that my art really went into a spurt, I was spending numerous hours watching tutorials on YouTube to learn how to mix colours, how to paint sea and skies, how to work with light and reflections.

i am totally self taught with my art, does that make me a true artist? I wonder but I’d say so. I started to create boats and sea scapes and then early 2012 I started to create classic car illustrations. And my gosh the response I got from my pictures was amazing. So obviously that is my niche. I really love creating them, because each car has such character.  And I live working with details, that’s why I find watercolour so easy to use for my pictures. I have worked up a style that suites me, and where I can lift out my skills to draw.

here are a few samples:

Volvo nostalgyCadillacimage

I am going to post more of my art so stay tuned.

I also do photography but will post about that separately, to be a photographer has been a huge help while doing my art. It has helped me to create my pictures with a 3D effect.

Eva Ason