Art made simple


I started to draw when I was a little girl and I was scribbling and doodling on every piece of paper I could find. I remember at every Christmas my parents gave me new paper to draw on. And I was drawing a lot. Unfortunately I don’t have any of my early drawings but that is how I started my journey as an artist.

But it should take some 30 years before I really got in to it. In the mean time I had two children, who are now adults and living their own lives. And it wasn’t until early 2011 that my art really went into a spurt, I was spending numerous hours watching tutorials on YouTube to learn how to mix colours, how to paint sea and skies, how to work with light and reflections.

i am totally self taught with my art, does that make me a true artist? I wonder but I’d say so. I started to create boats and sea scapes and then early 2012 I started to create classic car illustrations. And my gosh the response I got from my pictures was amazing. So obviously that is my niche. I really love creating them, because each car has such character.  And I live working with details, that’s why I find watercolour so easy to use for my pictures. I have worked up a style that suites me, and where I can lift out my skills to draw.

here are a few samples:

Volvo nostalgyCadillacimage

I am going to post more of my art so stay tuned.

I also do photography but will post about that separately, to be a photographer has been a huge help while doing my art. It has helped me to create my pictures with a 3D effect.

Eva Ason


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