Photography made simple








I have always liked doing photography, and am self taught. I love catching THE moment of places I visit. These two pictures are of Temple Bar in Dublin which I took earlier in January this year.  I love shooting reflections. The below picture is of Ha’Penny Bridge in Dublin. And this particular evening the river was like a mirror and it’s not so often you see the river being so calm and quiet. We often or most of the time have some breeze blowing and some days it can be really windy. So on a day like this particular day you really want to take advantage of the weather. And being a photographer, I love bringing my cameras out and do some simple shooting. 




It takes a lot of practice to take great photographs like these. Usually I am simply snapping away while I am out and take around 200-300 pictures. Many of them goes directly in the ‘bin’ due to various reasons. I have become more critical and find it easier to delete a picture if it does not turn out good, if it’s a little bit blurry or if there has been a movement while shooting. 

But my art and photography goes hand in hand, with the camera I am using the view finder while with the art I am using my pen and brushes. I am kind of implementing my photographic skills/eye while I am drawing. To create the depth in my drawings/paintings. 

I have always loved travelling and being out in the countryside. I have always had a passion for the wild nature, and the amazing views. Here below are some pictures I’ve taken up in the Wicklow mountains. This particular day it was extremely windy, stormy rather, but the views were breathtaking. No matter when I go there, I am always in awe of the beauty of it whether it is sunny or cloudy. The wild and harsh nature makes it simply gorgeous in my opinion. Judge for yourself and hope you enjoy these views.







Now when the spring is approaching, there will be a lot of days and evenings where we will be out and about. And the camera is usually with me at all times. You never know when a great picture present itself. I always like being prepared for that shot. Another trip to the Wicklow mountains and Glendalough is scheduled at some stage, so stay tuned for more beautiful views. Wicklow is one of the most beautiful places I have encountered during my 7+ years living in Ireland. Reminds me pretty much of the northern parts of Sweden, where we have the mountains and wild nature. 

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” 
― Ansel Adams


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