Calligraphy Art

I also have a passion for doing calligraphy handwriting, and usually I try to develop my own style. And the reason I love calligraphy handwriting is because I enjoy creating things with my hands. I know we do have a lot of tools at hand these days to create graphics and texts via the computer and various applications and software. But I still love working the old way by using my ruler and pens to draw up a text or whatever it might be. There is a certain satisfaction in doing so, for me anyway.

Recently I have started to create artwork by combining calligraphy letters and imaging, then again everything is done by hand. I mainly create my art in four different stages.

1) Drawing up the picture

2) Colouring the background

3) Colouring the images

4) Doing the finish by using an ink pen






This is an ongoing project I’ve been working on since 2012, I have still not gotten through the whole alphabet. But I will get there soon enough. Most of my art can be bought at the following website: follow this link and it will take you directly to the shop. I am updating this site regularly so make sure to check in often, and sometimes I do have special offers as well.

My art is my hobby and it’s such a contrast from my daytime job, that it relaxes my mind and I can easily loose track of time while I am in the creative mood. But as an artist that is a very good place to be at, when you feel the inspiration flowing. At the moment I am working on various objects, I have a small commission for wedding invitations that I am currently working on. And after that I will need to design the wedding invitations for my own wedding later this year. I have a new sail boat coming up, that is sitting there waiting to be coloured. I do have a soft spot for the sea, as I grew up on the west coast of Sweden. And for those of you that has had the opportunity to visit there know what I am talking about. You will most likely see a post in the future showing pictures from Gothenburg and the area around it. 

Have a fantastic Sunday!



20 thoughts on “Calligraphy Art

  1. nicsearth

    Your calligraphy is beautiful. I agree that it is nice to do art the old fashioned way by hand rather than graphic design.
    Good luck with the wedding invitations-it’ll be nice to design your own. I did mine and it makes it more personal I think.


    1. Hi Nicsearth, thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. Yes I was thinking that too that it would be a lot more personal to create my own invitations. I sort of have an idea what I will do but will let it mature a little in my head first before I sit down and get to it.


  2. Your art lettering is beautiful and art lettering always intrigues me. There is a beautiful balance between space and detail.

    visiting from sunday sketches.


  3. WOW! This is so lovely, Eva! Enjoyed seeing the process. I also like to work the old way a lot of the time. How exciting that you will be designing your own wedding invitations! I’ll look forward to seeing them. 🙂


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