When I am out taking photographs I love working with reflections. And it doesn’t really matter what the subject might be. Whether it is reflections in the water or in a window, I always try to look for composition in my pictures. For me, and I think many of my fellow photograph friends would agree with me, that to do photography is a type of art. It has taken me some years to reach this far, to use a camera properly. Well, I am still learning as I go.

Today I am going to show some of my photographs where I have been working with reflections. Many of them are taken in various places around Dublin. 


This is one that I took in January along the quays in Dublin city.  The bridge on the picture is called Ha’Penny (Half penny) Bridge. There was a full moon and it was reflecting beautifully in the river. So I thought I should make a nice picture out of this. It was a little tricky to get the moon inside the picture frame, to have it shown both at the sky and in the water. I wanted to have the mirroring effect. I had to take many shots though, but that’s the charm about photography, you just simply snap away.



Here’s another one shot at the same bridge but on the other side. It is slowly starting to get darker, but you can still see the blueish sky reflecting in the river.



Something I really love experimenting with is to catch a glimpse of a building or something else in a window. As a window reflection. I have taken many of those types of pictures. As you go along you train your eyes to see the angles and such.



Here is a typical one where I have taken a picture of the opera house in Gothenburg, and you see another building mirrored in the windows. The opera house is sitting beside the guest harbour in the city. The building you see in the reflections is what we call the ‘lipstick’ mainly because of it’s shape and colour.


This is a night shot of Samuel Beckett bridge in Dublin city. The white arm that reach up in the air is resembling a harp, and in the day light you’ll also see the wires that is it’s strings. In the picture below you see how it looks like in daylight.



This picture was taken on a beautiful day in November 2013, and note that it is very rare that the river is this still as on this picture. But on this particular day it was gorgeous. No strong winds, clear blue sky – it was simply beautiful.



Here is a tall ship that is sitting at the harbour along the docks of Dublin city. There are some ripples in the water, but the ship is reflecting nicely in it. 


Here is the same tall ship taken from the other side of the river.


This is the custom house in Dublin city, taken on that same sunny day in November.


Here is another one where I have caught the clock tower of Dublin Castle inside another window.



This is a picture I’ve taken back in Sweden, I just love when the clouds are mirrored in the lake like this.

Well, this was just a little collection of my photos over the past few years where I have been working with reflections. This year we have a few trips planned so I will come back with some new pictures soon. In April we are taking a trip to Gothenburg to visit family and of course my cameras are going with me. Gothenburg is an old Harbour city on the West coast of Sweden. 



An enthusiast caught in action, a friend of mine took this snap of me while I was focusing on shooting the Ha’Penny Bridge. You’re standing in the most peculiar positions at times while trying to take the best photo of the subject. I just thought this would be a funny one to share.

Well, that’s it for today I think. I will be back again with some more pictures & artwork.





14 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. I fully understand the snapping away and these are really beautiful. I like that Ha Penny bridge. and you snapping away. glad you posted that one to…. I like the reflections of other buildings in the windows. last month i aimed at a glass building, my friend said what are you doing? i said don’t you see the hotel in the reflection. she was amazed. we had been there for an hour and she had seen not one reflection. she said I have never seen these before.


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