Vintage car illustrations




Aston Martin 1960 – I created this illustration/painting last year. 





Chevrolet – I have created to versions of this same car, this one in watercolour and another one where I have been using ink.


This original of the Corvette is SOLD! It went to a collector in El Paso, TX.


This original of the Mercedes Benz has been SOLD! It went to a buyer in the UK.

Some of you might wonder why classic cars? Well, actually it all started out as a tribute to my dad that was a truck driver. And I thought it would be a great idea to honour his memory by creating a few car illustrations. I started out with six of them. And when I had finished these, I said to myslef ‘this is fun’! So, since then I have just kept them coming. That was back in early 2012, so two year has passed and I think I have reached some 50 pcs by now. 

And the truth is I really enjoy creating those, mainly due to all the details as I love working with details. And they also have a charm that you don’t find in the cars we have today. Today the cars looks almost the same, streamlined design and less character. However I do have my favourites among the newer cars. I am driving a Volvo myself and really love it. It’s not because I am Swedish that I decided to go for one, but I love them because of the comfort, safety and nice design. YES, I do love cars and often spend time looking around while walking in the city or even driving. I remember one Saturday morning, I was ending up behind an old Mercedes – it must have been from the late 30’s or so. But it was so well kept, it was a joy to see it and I couldn’t help but smiling when I passed by it. I even put my thumb up to the driver while passing by. 

These cars has sort of become my trademark, I stick to my style because it seems to be working. But now I feel I need some challenges. And every time I receive a commission to make, I really love it!! 

I remember at the beginning when I started to make the cars, it was not an easy task to get the proportions right. To fit the head lights in the right line and angle. But then after a while when I had been creating a few, I started to get it. And now I enjoy creating them in a certain angle to create a cool experience for the viewer and also to make them stand out. At the moment I don’t have a new car in process, but I have a few ideas I would like to work on. But I will post about that later.

Well, hope you all enjoy your Thursday and the weekend is just around the corner.

~ Eva Ason ~


12 thoughts on “Vintage car illustrations

  1. Dearest Eva,
    It is even more amazing that you only do this for a couple of years and than to such perfection!
    For sure your Dad will be smiling about his daughter and look at what it did to you… you’ve become an artist!
    You always present them in a fun way, different and here too, with the shades it looks like it is coming towards the viewer in real time.
    Hugs and happy 1st spring weekend to you!


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