Weekend is finally here!

I love it when the weekend comes, because that means I will have more time to work on my creative work as I would call my ‘real’ job. I do like my ‘normal’ job though. And the artwork, is such a contrast from what I do during my normal work hours, that it relaxes me immensely. When I am working on something creative I loose track of time, that is in fact the only time I would forget to drink my coffee if I have a cup beside me. That is how absorbed I get in my work. But I do love it greatly.

This morning I went out on a refreshing run, it is a nice way to gain some extra boost of energy. And for breakfast Peter and I went down to the Fire House Bakery to have our coffee/tea and a gorgeous sandwich. We often go here and can highly recommend it, their breads are fantastic and they have a little restaurant where you can sit down having your lunch or just a coffee/tea with some nice scones or even pastry. And further in they also have a little shop where you can buy lots of goodies, cheeses, wines, food and what have you.

Today I really need to get going on one of my commissions, which will contains a lot of calligraphy handwriting. It is a process I really like and you really need a lot of time working on those things. You don’t really rush with Calligraphy, it’s a process building up the text or whatever you’re working on. 



A piece of calligraphy art I made previously, I love creating those types of things.



It’s my son Tom’s birthday today, he’s turning 22. And a few weeks ago he became a father, so much looking forward to go home to visit them in a couple weeks. Tom has gotten my artistic genes, obviously. He is good at drawing and he is a very good musician. He’s an awesome drummer. Here a sample of one of his tunes he produces his own music these days. 



19 thoughts on “Weekend is finally here!

    1. Hi Laurie,

      I have progressed some on the commission, calligraphy takes time though. And I hate it when I make a typo, you cannot really erase but you have to start all over lol!


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