Mice Illustrations



This is one of my first mice illustrations which I created back in 2005, that is when I started with these small creatures. Why mice? I really don’t know, it sort of just happened. I might have been a little inspired by Beatrix Potter perhaps, and wanted to create those in my own way. Putting them into different human situations, I really enjoy drawing them. 







This is an even earlier one than the one above, I have used watercolour pencils here. This was before I started to use the watercolour paint for my illustrations.



This one is a favourite, the curious mouse finding all sorts of things in the drawer.



This original is SOLD! 



Here I have worked on the theme Friendship where the mice and the cat play together and even share the cheese 



I really enjoyed creating this illustration, I was using some of the things in my kitchen at the time and created this ‘play ground’ for the mice. 



This is a later illustration from 2012, here I have started to use the watercolour paint for my illustrations.



This one is a favourite too. I have more of these illustrations but I will post them at a later stage. I have so much artwork in my storage.

If you would like to buy prints of my art press here and it will take you to one of my online shops. If you would be interested in the actual original, just drop me an email.

Happy Sunday!






18 thoughts on “Mice Illustrations

  1. Your series of mice adventures looks fantastic! I fell in love with the ski mouse immediately and with the tea drinking mouse on the top and the little mouse lady beside the teapot. They are so cute!


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