Cadillac coming to life on the paper






I have a passion for creating vintage and classical cars. Here is one example that I have worked on recently. I wanted to play around and create a background to my car. And as the Cadillac is an American creation I chosed to put the American flag as a background.

But before I could even think about starting to work away with my paint, I had to draw up the picture. Then do the masking, and in the flag there is tiny little stars. But then I was finally ready to start getting some real work done.



Here I have applied the blue colour for the background.




Here I have finished applying the blue and red in the background colours. The picture is still not looking much, a lot more details will follow.



And then finally I have applied the colours on the car as well, and worked out all the shadowing and details on the car. The last thing I do in most of my illustrations is to go over with a black very fine ink pen to lift out the details. It gives the pictures a cool 3D effect.

If you would like to buy a print of this particular car, just click here and it will take you directly to my webshop. The original is still available and if you would be interested in getting it just send me an email at, this would be a perfect present for a car collector!

~ Eva Ason ~



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