Sailboat – work in progress

I have made some progress on my latest sailboat and will hopefully have it finished towards the end of the week. This week is a short work week so should have some extra time at hand. After this is finished I will start to design our wedding invitations. 


Here is the background added, the sky and the water. 


I got the colours I wanted for this boat, that usually shows after a couple hours when the paint has dried completely. I love working with watercolours just for that reason, and it is easy to go back afterwards and add more paint if you want a more vibrant colour.

And in this picture I want the sea to be more dramatic, and to have the breaking in the water from the speed shown as well. I love working with movements in my boat paintings. There are still some work to do before it is finished, some more paint on the sails and the water, and then finally the details.

Stay tuned….


10 thoughts on “Sailboat – work in progress

  1. MadSnapper

    staying tuned and waiting to see what else you do to the water movement.. woo hoo woohoo on designing the wedding invitations. so happy for you both


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