Some new characters

I have been absent for a little while due to a cold that I am fighting off. But, this bank holiday weekend I thought I should just be at home to take care of my cold, and at the same time working on some new creative work. And funnily enough yesterday while I was sitting by the computer and working on promoting my previous works. I came up with the idea of creating a new character. Have you ever had this type of what I would call the ‘Light Bulb’ moment? Well, yesterday I had one of those moments. A picture emerged into my head and immediately I had to set to work with my pens and brushes. 

And I have never finished any illustration so fast before, it was done within an hour. I was thinking what did just happen? And I just loved it, to feel the inspiration flowing that strong…almost like I was on a mission. Anyway, the new illustrations I am going to show today is meant for a little story. The story about Tibby the mouse and his friends. And if I cannot find anyone helping me to write it, I am going to give it a go myself with the writing and the illustrations. And as I am typing this, the next image is emerging and taking form inside my mind. So as an artist…these are the moments we have to act upon and just simply keep them coming 🙂

Hope you enjoy what I am sharing with you today, and perhaps they will bring a little smile to your face.  And if you would like to buy prints of these cute ones, they are available on my webshops:

Redbubble and FineArtAmerica, they will shortly be added to my shop at Zazzle where I sell greeting cards of my illustrations.

Enjoy your day!

~ Eva Ason ~



Tibby says Hello! Watercolour illustration, 12 x 9 inches




Tibby playing with friends! Watercolour illustration 12 x 9 inches



Oopps – We got Caught! Watercolour illustration, 12 x 9 inches


2 thoughts on “Some new characters

  1. MadSnapper

    go for it, i love these little guys and the last one with cheese in his hands and mouth looks just like me… you have to do these while you are HOT and you are… precious


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