Art is fun

I have had a lot of time at hand this weekend,  and I really needed to get my art going again. Not always easy when you have a ‘normal’ job that you need to take care of first, and that is why my art has been set aside more or less. But feel that that trend might have ended. As an artist I just love the feeling when the pictures take form in my head while I am working on another picture, so I have to keep them coming. 

And as I was working on the pictures for the children’s book I am working on, I had this image below popping up in my head. I have used this cat in many ways in the past, when I was painting wooden buttons which I were using to create magnets. But once I get an image in my head, I kind of have to get to action and put it down on paper. 

I really like the idea of doing those so called extended pictures. It is really easy. I simply bought a frame with mounting paper, and then used the mounting paper as measure when drawing up the image. 

I am showing a few stages of the picture below:









And here is the final product, framed and ready to go to a new home. 

This picture is suitable for many areas, if you have a narrow wall at home or in the children’s room.

~ Eva Ason ~


4 thoughts on “Art is fun

  1. MadSnapper

    great idea, the cat is enjoying the view and it looks beautiful framed like this. I used to sell my photos in frames like this, back when i worked. i would take it to work and hang it on my cube wall and sell it to anyone who wanted it..


  2. That is lovely! I am so glad you’re doing artwork for a children’s book. That has always been an interest of mine although I cant’ draw a stick figure. I’m always envious of those who can write AND draw. Thanks for enjoying my sheep and fences photos on my Anglophile Friday post.


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