Some work in progress


It’s yet another sail boat, but truth is that the sea has always inspired me. And recently I have worked with movements in my boat pictures, this is a part of a collection of sail boats, now the 3rd. I have always wanted to learn how to sail, but think this is enough for now, I quite enjoy drawing/painting them. 

I do have some new projects in the pipe line at the moment, and if you stay tuned you’ll see some cool things coming up soon. I haven’t completely given up the classic/vintage cars. Here is a previous one, Volvo P1800




This is another one where the original has gone to El Paso, TX.


I do love the American cars, and especially the Chevrolet’s. There’s so many different models and shapes, and the details are fantastic.

 ~ Eva Ason ~


8 thoughts on “Some work in progress

  1. i love seeing art in progress
    i think it is wonderful to stay with one theme
    at least twice or more…. we learn something from that
    and i think people enjoy that in art shows, a theme, a style, it let’s them know the artist
    i love the angle of the last painting, up close and personal!


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