WIP – Canal boat no. 2














I am working on canal boat no  2, and this is how far I have reached so far.  And right now my work space looks a bit all over the place but it’s fantastic to have plenty of work space to use. 

We have had a fantastic weekend here in Wicklow, lot’s of sunshine and we have spent as much time as possible outside in our garden. I would probably have reached further in my work with this picture, but will continue over the coming week. I have many irons on the fire right now, but love it. I have started to get into my graphic design studies too, I have found lot’s of materials online to read through and to get more in depth of what I use to work with in the past in the graphic business.


We have these beauties in our garden, I love shooting plants and flowers up close with the camera.


And on a lovely morning we even enjoy our breakfast out in the garden, mostly during the weekend though 🙂


Have a fantastic week!


Canal Boat – Grand Canal Dublin


Canal Boat, Grand Canal Dubling city, Watercolour, 12 x 16 inches

I finished this picture over the weekend, this is one of the boats you can get on and cruise along the canal while you’re enjoying some dinner and beautiful views of Dublin city. The ports are manually opened by the personel.

If you want to read more please visit their website: http://www.canalboatrestaurant.ie/

~ Eva Ason ~


WIP – Canal boat of Dublin


I am presently working on a new picture with a boat, but a different type of boat than usual. This is one of the canal boats that are located in Dublin city. On these you can book parties etc, they have a pub on board. I often walk by this boat in the morning on my way in to the office. And have often been thinking I would like to paint it. So, finally I have started to work on it. It is far from finished, but this is how far I have come so far. There are some buildings beside it, and the building I have painted so far is Hilton Hotel at Charlemont Str.

I am thinking about starting to work in larger format than A3, it feels like I have grown out that size in a way. I just want to try it to see how it goes. The boats in particular will be great to make in larger formats. I still have the classic cars in my thoughts, and have new ideas I want to put down on paper. But that will come later this summer perhaps this fall rather.

I am trying to combine my ‘normal’ day job with my art work, and so far it seems to work out well. Mainly it is the weekends I can concentrate on my art. And depending on the inspiration of course, but so far so good.

I will post updates as I go along on this picture so stay tuned. In the mean time please have a look at my other artwork at: https://www.facebook.com/EvaAsonArts


Have a fantastic weekend and hope the sun is shining at your end of the World.

~Eva Ason ~