Wednesday Creativity

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Hello again…here is is a few pieces that I am working on at the moment. And as you can see the boats are my focus at the moment and in between I do some smaller illustrations. At this time of year the sea is a big inspiration for me, and also being out in nature.

The last larger picture, is of a special boat called the Galway Hooker, they are beautiful boats and objects to paint. I will start to work on this one in the weekend, and I will use watercolour as usual. This is a larger format than I usually work in, but think it will have a great effect.

I quite love being an artist because you never know where the inspiration will take you, and at times I even surprise myself. Especially when I try something new, but then again that is the process of learning. And…I enjoy the journey!!!

I will be back with more updates, as I have worked on these, probably after this weekend.

Have a fantastic day!


Portrait drawing










I started to draw up this picture last week, and I have worked a little bit more on it during the week.This is a family picture showing three generations, my Dad, my son and his son (my grandson). 

I have not been doing portrait drawing that long really, only a little over a year. And I am still learning as I go, but I suppose I have the drawing skills in the bottom and then all it takes is a lot of practice. There are no short cuts in art as well as there are no short cuts in life, you simply have to practice numerous hours until you have it. But then again, I think you’ll never get fully experienced. What else would you need to work for then? 

With my art I will continue pursue my dreams and do what I love! And when this picture is finished, I have few more ideas lined up waiting to be put down on paper. Well, this post is just a little update in between the posts. You should be seeing some more updates from me on Monday as usual. 

In the mean time I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Monday bits and pieces…!








So, yet another week has passed and it has been an interesting one for me. On Tuesday evening I met up with the members of Eclectic Arts and we had a very nice and fun evening. If you would like to have a look at the website please visit Eclectic Arts. Here you can read a bit more about us and what our aim is. You can also visit us on Facebook.

I have been doing some progress in my art this week, and at the moment I am working simultaneously on 4 pieces at the same time, they are different and require a different amount of time too. There is one that I have drawn up a couple of weeks ago, it’s in a larger format than I have been working on before, so that it self will take a little bit longer. But the subject is again, boats. Those of you that know me well, know that I love the sea and everything related to it. But then again I grew up on the west coast of Sweden, and have always lived near the sea. Where we had the granite cliffs, sail boats and all sorts of boats passing by in the summer time. The normal population on the island Orust, where I grew up, is 15K and in the summer time you can easily double that. It’s a popular tourist place and many city folks has their summer houses there. So, there is where my passion for the sea and boats started I think.

I am also working on a new portrait in pencil, I felt the inspiration to ‘dust’ off my pencils and do some pure sketching. It’s not easy but it came to me fairly quick. I am working on a family picture where I am putting together 3 pictures in the same drawing. The first face is my Dad, and the second my son and then the third my grandson. It takes some time working on it, but once I start I am fine. But must admit that facial hair is tricky to work with to make it look authentic. But as for everything a lot of practice is needed.

What else is happening in my part of the world, well we made a visit to the Botanic Garden in Dublin city on Saturday and I took a lot of photographs of flowers, trees and gorgeous areas. I just love being in touch with nature, I have a need for it ever so often. As a camera I was using my Samsung 4SG phone, and you would be surprised what quality the pictures has. Well, I will let you judge for your self. 

These are only a few pictures I took, I will make another post later in the week to post more pictures.

And I should have more updates about my art next week! Until then have a fantastic week!!





WIP – Some bits and pieces

Hope that you all have had a nice weekend! As for me it was a good one and I managed to do some artwork as I had planned. I was working a little bit with the detailing on the canal boat, and you can see the result here below, but there’s still a lot of work to do. But, I am not rushing it just working away slowly but surely.






Last night this little fella’ popped up in my head and I just had to jot him down. I have no name for him yet, so for the moment he goes by the name Piggy. We will see what I decide to name him.





If you would like to buy a print of the ‘Have a cup of tea’ picture above, just visit the link below:

I was not only doing artwork but also some reading/study of Graphic Design. I have started to do some self studies by getting some useful and informative books. All these three books are great, and it gives you information about what you need to know as a graphic designer, and also it gives you some background history. Especially in the Typography books, both of them are great but yet different. The next step is to start to do some practice as well, I do have the softwares I need already, but right now it’s just the time that is lacking. But I will get there and doing a little bit at the time. Between the years 1995 until 2000 I was working at a printing company where we produced some printing matters, and my job there was to ‘create’ those plates for the printing. Which means I spent a lot of time working with layouts, repro, montage for the proof readings, logotypes, separating colours if a logo had several colours in them etc. My employer was an old Typograhper with over 30 years in the business, and he taught me the rules of layout etc. I learned my job by working with these things, but never went to any schools to learn it except for some shorter courses I was sent to during my years in the company. Well this was the entrance to my big interest in art and graphic design, guess I always have had the interest but by working with it you really got the feel for it.

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Anyway, it IS a great hobby to have and doing all these things when I am not working gives me great satisfaction, and it also reduce the stress that I encounter in my ‘daily’ job working in the Financial Operations Department at a company. When I do my art is the only time I forget to drink my coffee if that gives you an idea how caught up in my work I get. I forget time and space 🙂

I will be back with more updates at the end of this week as I always has something going on. I can never say before hand that I will do this or that, I simply follow the inspiration and at times I get surprised myself by the images that pops up in my head. And I wonder, where did that come from? Well as an artist, that is the way it is and the inspiration can come from anywhere really. We just have to follow it and enjoy the ride.

Enjoy your week All!!

Eva Ason

WIP and new illustrations

Hope you’ve all had a great and relaxing weekend. My weekend has been a bit productive, I was able to work on my canal boat painting and also do some new illustrations. The new illustrations has the theme ‘food & beverages’. I started out by drawing up a crayfish, and with this image I was inspired by the Crayfish Festival that takes place in Sweden every year, in August. And living abroad, this is one of the traditions that I miss. I do love seafood!!

I was using watercolour pencils for two of them and then ‘normal’ watercolours for the Coffee illustration, where I also were using calligraphy ink for the text.

In the canal boat I had to make several washes/layers to get the red colour right. I will be working more on this in the weekend to come. The weekends is the time when I can sit and work for a longer time.

If you would like to see some of my previous painting and illustration with a maritime theme visit my webpage at here you can also buy prints of my art.

I will be back next week with new updates on my work! Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead!



Creative Wednesday!






I have started to work on a new piece simultaneously with the canal boat. This is a typical Irish boat called the Galway Hooker. I saw them during my visit to Galway a couple weeks ago and I got inspired to draw them. I am choosing to work in a larger format on this one, because I think the boats will stand out better. 

And beside the boat drawing you see a piece of my little owl ‘Ollie’, You’ll see the full picture of him below. This little fella’ kept popping up in my head while working on something else, and I just had to jot him down on paper. Don’t know why that always happens to me, but I’m sure other artists can agree with me…that when your creativity is flowing all sorts of things comes to your mind…and you almost getting the LightBulb moment 🙂 Well…I just love these moments. I can even sit at the office and having images taking form in my creative mind, things I want to do/make…and then when I come home in the evening I sit down at the drawing board and start working on one picture after the other.

I am not saying that it is like this ALL the time, there are times when the inspiration is burning on lower fuel and things does not come to me that easy. But I have experienced a creative ‘flow’ for some months now and I am enjoying every bit of it. Some of you might wonder, but what about the automobiles? Well, I haven’t given up on them it’s just that I am working on other things at the moment. But I will get back in creating the cars again. Let’s putting it this way, the ones I have created in the past has been kind of practice, now it’s time to make the ‘real’ stuff. I don’t know what it is but I really love the American 50’s and 60’s cars. But stay tuned, there might be some surprises…in the near future. 

I discovered a new art supplier in Dublin city and the lady in the shop gave me an artist discount, without me asking for it. I suppose she saw what type of things I was into by the things I was buying. So I ended up making a bargain of my usual art stuff, and that really made my day. To do art is not a cheap hobby, and everything adds up but have built up a nice selections of tools to work with. 

Well, it’s wednesday and we’re half way through the week already. Hope you all have a fantastic day!!