Creative Wednesday!






I have started to work on a new piece simultaneously with the canal boat. This is a typical Irish boat called the Galway Hooker. I saw them during my visit to Galway a couple weeks ago and I got inspired to draw them. I am choosing to work in a larger format on this one, because I think the boats will stand out better. 

And beside the boat drawing you see a piece of my little owl ‘Ollie’, You’ll see the full picture of him below. This little fella’ kept popping up in my head while working on something else, and I just had to jot him down on paper. Don’t know why that always happens to me, but I’m sure other artists can agree with me…that when your creativity is flowing all sorts of things comes to your mind…and you almost getting the LightBulb moment 🙂 Well…I just love these moments. I can even sit at the office and having images taking form in my creative mind, things I want to do/make…and then when I come home in the evening I sit down at the drawing board and start working on one picture after the other.

I am not saying that it is like this ALL the time, there are times when the inspiration is burning on lower fuel and things does not come to me that easy. But I have experienced a creative ‘flow’ for some months now and I am enjoying every bit of it. Some of you might wonder, but what about the automobiles? Well, I haven’t given up on them it’s just that I am working on other things at the moment. But I will get back in creating the cars again. Let’s putting it this way, the ones I have created in the past has been kind of practice, now it’s time to make the ‘real’ stuff. I don’t know what it is but I really love the American 50’s and 60’s cars. But stay tuned, there might be some surprises…in the near future. 

I discovered a new art supplier in Dublin city and the lady in the shop gave me an artist discount, without me asking for it. I suppose she saw what type of things I was into by the things I was buying. So I ended up making a bargain of my usual art stuff, and that really made my day. To do art is not a cheap hobby, and everything adds up but have built up a nice selections of tools to work with. 

Well, it’s wednesday and we’re half way through the week already. Hope you all have a fantastic day!!






6 thoughts on “Creative Wednesday!

  1. MadSnapper

    cute little owl… and i agree when the creative thing pops you should draw it.. when an idea for a post hits, i have to stop and type it up or it is gone…


    1. Thanks very much, I am often bringing my sketch journal out on my lunch breaks at work. It’s nice and relaxing to sit in a nice spot in the park and do some sketching which I can colour when I get home.


  2. Oh–love the Owl…. NEAT!!!! When a creative person like you gets a creative thought –you need to work on it right then… I know that is not always possible –but keep on being creative as much as you can. You are so talented.



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