Portrait drawing










I started to draw up this picture last week, and I have worked a little bit more on it during the week.This is a family picture showing three generations, my Dad, my son and his son (my grandson). 

I have not been doing portrait drawing that long really, only a little over a year. And I am still learning as I go, but I suppose I have the drawing skills in the bottom and then all it takes is a lot of practice. There are no short cuts in art as well as there are no short cuts in life, you simply have to practice numerous hours until you have it. But then again, I think you’ll never get fully experienced. What else would you need to work for then? 

With my art I will continue pursue my dreams and do what I love! And when this picture is finished, I have few more ideas lined up waiting to be put down on paper. Well, this post is just a little update in between the posts. You should be seeing some more updates from me on Monday as usual. 

In the mean time I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


4 thoughts on “Portrait drawing

  1. Oh Eva, I LOVE your three Generation drawing… That is awesome. Since I am into Genealogy, I’d love to have something like that of some of my ancestors… Your drawing will be a part of your family for years to come. That is FABULOUS.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


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