Wednesday Creativity

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Hello again…here is is a few pieces that I am working on at the moment. And as you can see the boats are my focus at the moment and in between I do some smaller illustrations. At this time of year the sea is a big inspiration for me, and also being out in nature.

The last larger picture, is of a special boat called the Galway Hooker, they are beautiful boats and objects to paint. I will start to work on this one in the weekend, and I will use watercolour as usual. This is a larger format than I usually work in, but think it will have a great effect.

I quite love being an artist because you never know where the inspiration will take you, and at times I even surprise myself. Especially when I try something new, but then again that is the process of learning. And…I enjoy the journey!!!

I will be back with more updates, as I have worked on these, probably after this weekend.

Have a fantastic day!


6 thoughts on “Wednesday Creativity

  1. Everything you tackle, Eva, turns out GREAT… I love your boats–and you are so good at it… Keep it up. I also love your three generation drawing….

    That first boat with its reflection is GREAT….. Thanks for sharing with us. Keep on being CREATIVE. You definitely have the talent.


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