WIP and some new pictures




Chevy 57 Workinprogress


This is what I am working on at the moment, I have started a new project with some classic cars. I am planning to make a set of four in the size 10 x 14 inches. And on this picture I am using watercolour and working in ‘wet on dry, I find that an easy technique when working with details and such. It has been a while since I created my last classic car picture and it feels great to be back doing them. 

I am happy when I have a long weekend, it gives me a lot of time to do my art and I can really concentrate and get in to it. 



This is a picture that I finished on Sunday evening, this is a typical Irish boat called the Galway Hooker. I really love these boats, and their sails are beautiful. It was a joy to work on this particular picture, I have been working in a much larger format than I usually do, which I find suitable when making seascapes and boats in action like these in this picture. 



I have had a busy weekend lol! This set of pictures above has been completed and is now ready to be framed. These will be put up in our kitchen for now.

I will be back later in the week with more updates.

Have a fantastic week!!


18 thoughts on “WIP and some new pictures

  1. its all lovely Eva, the ca, the boat, all of them, I know you are so busy, I was surprised to see you here today, I just said that to my husband, he sits right beside me, sometimes I need his eyes, lol, he enjoys your work too!


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