New artwork and new media

This week I have a few updates on the illustrations/paintings I am working on. And, I have started to use a new media, acrylics. I feel that I am up for more challenges, so I thought I should try something new. I have been watching a few tutorials on YouTube, and it is not so far off from watercolour really. Well, I am using the same paper for both medias so it should be fine.


Here is the new material I’ve got, I bought paper in a new cool format (8 x 16 inches) which is perfect for the cars. I got some new brushes as well as paint. The Apple mugs are a memory from being employed by Apple Inc


Here is the drawing of the car, and I have used an ink pen to outline the car.


Here I have started to work with the dark details, I am fascinated by these chrome grills on the American cars, so much details.


I am working on two illustrations simultaneously, the bigger with the boats are still in the same state as last week. I haven’t done anything on it, but have a week off work now so will for sure have time to do some more work on it.


This is from earlier today, I thought this illustration would take a long time to finish. Well it took a little longer than the watercolour would.

Chevy. 59

And here is the finished illustration. The original is for sale – and if you would like to buy a print of it click here, and it will take you to my shop where I now have a limited offer for all prints up until Christmas Day.


Halloween, Christmas and more boats!!

As it turned out it was a busy weekend in the Studio! The weather was not the best on Saturday so spent most of the day drawing and painting. Here are a few new illustrations that was created, and due to the upcoming Holidays I felt inspired.


Haunted House, water color illustration


Snowman and birds, water color illustration


Christmas Decorations, water color illustration


Pumpkin fun with mice


This is how far I have come on the new boat picture, working on the stone wall in the background. Still some reflections to work out in the water. But I am slowly getting there, I should have more updates in the weekend. Since I have a week off work coming up I should have more time to do some art.

Have a great and happy week everyone!

Some more new art is in the making!

Hi All, hope that you are having a good week so far. Here are some more updates on what I am presently working on and what I have finished. I finally finished the Chevy Impala that I was working on last week, that was finished in the weekend.


If you would like to buy a framed print of this piece and just a print, you can visit my website and order it from there. I have a limited offer at the moment on all prints so you’d better hurry!

On Sunday evening I started to draw up a new picture, and this time I am choosing a picture from one of the ones I took while visiting Greece. I took some 500 pictures there so there are some that I will convert to a watercolour painting at some stage.


Here is the initial drawing.


And here I have started with the first wash of the sky and water. When working with water colors you need to go back and add in paint because it always dry a lot lighter than you apply. That is what I love about working in water colors. And in this wash I have been working on the reflections. I might leave it as it is for now, I won’t see the difference and effect until I have added the colors on the environment and the two boats.

In this picture I am working in a larger format than I normally do, so it will take longer time to finish it. But I will post updates as I progress and move a long. In between you will most likely see some corky illustrations of snowmen or what have you, due to the upcoming Season. That’s one of the reasons I love this time of year.

Well, that’s it for now…stay tuned and I will be back in the weekend with more updates. This is the last week of the exhibition.

Work in Progress – Chevy Impala watercolour illustration & Art Exhibition


I am working on the second car in a collection of four, this is a Chevy Impala (a bit unsure about what year exactly). There is still a lot to do on it, but getting there slowly but surely. I actually started on this picture a little over a month ago. But had to let it to rest for a while until the wedding and honeymoon trip was done. Things are getting back to normal again in terms of work and my art.


My work space looks a bit messy at the moment, but I really love my work space it gives me plenty of space to ‘spread’ out my brushes and paint while I’m working. At the other corner of the studio my husband has his work place, working on his designs of gardens.


Presently some of my art is included in an Exhibition at the Atrium in the County Buildings in Mullingar. We had the opening night October 2nd and since it is my first show, it was quite exiting and I am so happy to be given the opportunity to take part in it. I have posted a few pictures here below.




I like this beautiful Atrium in the County Buildings in Mullingar, very bright and perfect for an art exhibition.


Here are some of the work by me and others, we are eight people showing our work and it varies from photography, watercolour, drawings and acrylics. And each of us has our own kind of style, that’s what Eclectic Arts is about. If you would like to have a look at our website to see what we’re up to click here we also have a Facebook page where we’re posting frequently.



And here is the whole group, well actually one of them is behind the camera taking this photo (Sharon).

This Exhibition will run for two weeks so if you’re in the area of Mullingar, pop in and have a look.

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone! I will be back soon with more updates on my work.