Work in Progress – Chevy Impala watercolour illustration & Art Exhibition


I am working on the second car in a collection of four, this is a Chevy Impala (a bit unsure about what year exactly). There is still a lot to do on it, but getting there slowly but surely. I actually started on this picture a little over a month ago. But had to let it to rest for a while until the wedding and honeymoon trip was done. Things are getting back to normal again in terms of work and my art.


My work space looks a bit messy at the moment, but I really love my work space it gives me plenty of space to ‘spread’ out my brushes and paint while I’m working. At the other corner of the studio my husband has his work place, working on his designs of gardens.


Presently some of my art is included in an Exhibition at the Atrium in the County Buildings in Mullingar. We had the opening night October 2nd and since it is my first show, it was quite exiting and I am so happy to be given the opportunity to take part in it. I have posted a few pictures here below.




I like this beautiful Atrium in the County Buildings in Mullingar, very bright and perfect for an art exhibition.


Here are some of the work by me and others, we areΒ eight people showing our work and it varies from photography, watercolour, drawings and acrylics. And each of us has our own kind of style, that’s what Eclectic Arts is about. If you would like to have a look at our website to see what we’re up to click hereΒ we also have a Facebook page where we’re posting frequently.



And here is the whole group, well actually one of them is behind the camera taking this photo (Sharon).

This Exhibition will run for two weeks so if you’re in the area of Mullingar, pop in and have a look.

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone! I will be back soon with more updates on my work.


24 thoughts on “Work in Progress – Chevy Impala watercolour illustration & Art Exhibition

  1. Hi Eva, Congrats again for being chosen as part of the exhibit… That is such an honor –and many more people will get to see and enjoy your work… SO NEAT.

    Love your Chevy that you are working on. I think that’s about a 1955 or ’56 Impala. Gorgeous.


  2. MadSnapper

    this is so exciting … it makes me happy just to see your paintings hanging in the gallery… it is a beautiful place and love the atrium…


  3. Congratulations!!!! Your artwork looks beautiful in this phantastic building and I really wish I could go there and spend some exciting hours at the exibition. All these exhibition pictures look exciting too. It’s really great to see your success!


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