New artwork and new media

This week I have a few updates on the illustrations/paintings I am working on. And, I have started to use a new media, acrylics. I feel that I am up for more challenges, so I thought I should try something new. I have been watching a few tutorials on YouTube, and it is not so far off from watercolour really. Well, I am using the same paper for both medias so it should be fine.


Here is the new material I’ve got, I bought paper in a new cool format (8 x 16 inches) which is perfect for the cars. I got some new brushes as well as paint. The Apple mugs are a memory from being employed by Apple Inc


Here is the drawing of the car, and I have used an ink pen to outline the car.


Here I have started to work with the dark details, I am fascinated by these chrome grills on the American cars, so much details.


I am working on two illustrations simultaneously, the bigger with the boats are still in the same state as last week. I haven’t done anything on it, but have a week off work now so will for sure have time to do some more work on it.


This is from earlier today, I thought this illustration would take a long time to finish. Well it took a little longer than the watercolour would.

Chevy. 59

And here is the finished illustration. The original is for sale – and if you would like to buy a print of it click here, and it will take you to my shop where I now have a limited offer for all prints up until Christmas Day.


7 thoughts on “New artwork and new media

  1. MadSnapper

    when I married Bob in 85 he had one of these, not a convertible and it was pale blue, but just like this.. we needed a new bad, so we sold it to get a bed… i think you will be great with the acrylics and it is a good thing to learn new things. i love youtube. there is a tutorial for any and all things


  2. Hello Dear Eva….It’s Nov. 9 today. Love your notecards! And enjoyed the article about writers. Thanks for sharing it. Hope all is well with you in your new “married life.” Thanks so much for your visit. Susan

    Liked by 1 person

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