Upcoming Exhibition and more art updates…

Hope you’re all having a nice and relaxing weekend, and for all my American readers hope that you’ve had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Last week I had the opportunity to go visit our HQ in Exton, PA for a week – and it was a very busy but interesting week. It’s always nice to meet people in person, that you are working with on a daily basis via e-mail, phone or iChat.

We did have some free time in the evenings and we visited a few places, one place was a shopping mall called King of Prussia, and I tell you it was huge. Even though we only visited a small part of it, I enjoyed what I saw.





This was one of the decorations that had put in the middle of it, with a big carousel and a huge Christmas tree on top of it. The children could go here and take their picture with Santa. He was around there 🙂

I arrived back home last Saturday and it took a few days to get back to normal from the jet lag and all. But now I am back in to things again. And this week has been filled with work (seemingly) but I also have some cool things coming up. I have an Exhibition coming up from 12th of December until 20th, and I am very exited about that.

I'm exhibiting at

Enniskerry is very close to where I live, so this exhibition will be more local for me. I have a few pieces ready to go.

Cadillac rear 1

This is my latest addition to my ‘ongoing’ classic car collection. This is a part of a Cadillac, and I really enjoyed working on it, I particularly like the ‘wing’ at the rear. This is an acrylic illustration – 16 x 8 inches. This illustration is available to get as prints at http://fineartamerica.com/featured/cadillac-eva-ason.html and at the moment I am having 75% on all prints for a limited time – you can use discount code: TJHGVH

Well we are getting closer to Christmas as the day passes, and it’s 1st of Advent already tomorrow. At the moment I am working on another snowmen illustration, am still in the Christmas mood 🙂 But I am going to show that to you in my post next week.

Here below are some pictures I took while walking in our beautiful woodlands of Wicklow.




How it all started…

I have been drawing most of my life, and as a little girl I was using every piece of paper that I could find. And during my first school years drawing was my favourite subject. But my real skills wouldn’t pick up until much later in my life. During 1995 – 2000 I was working in the graphic business at a small printing company, where I learnt how to create layouts and various types of graphic settings. This company was specialised in selling customised Christmas cards to companies. And we were working with live artists that provided us with the original artwork in various types.

This is my first real encounter with art and graphic design, when my passion for it sort of awakened. I was learning how to operate and use the Mac computer as a designing tool. And the software used was at the time QuarkXpress for general layouts of our catalogues and such. And I also tapped in to Adobe creative suit, mainly illustrator and Photoshop.
My mentor at this company had a long experience as a typographer and he taught me from scratch all the rules about layout. So I learned graphic design by actually working with it on a daily basis, and I loved it.

It was not until after I left this company that I started to take up my drawing again, but this time I started to add colouring by using watercolour pencils. Gradually I expanded and went over to use watercolour.

Some of you might wonder why cars? Well, in 2012 I started up by doing a set of six car illustrations as a tribute to my Dad that died in a car accident several years ago. And he was a truck driver, hence the cars. But I never thought my art would take such turn for me, and I discovered how fun it actually was to create those illustrations.

It has taken a lot of time and effort to refine my skills, since I don’t have any schooling of art. I have basically taught myself over the years, and of course as an artist you need to learn the basics. And I have found very helpful tutorials on YouTube, and been practicing what I have learnt from them. There are no short cuts really, but if you have the skill to draw it helps, but you really need to sit down and practice. And practice makes perfect…someone said.

And today I am having my art as a hobby, which is gradually growing. And to me having a pretty hectic work, and when I’m off I spend much time doing my illustrations. It’s extremely relaxing almost therapeutic. And at this time of year, having Christmas coming up I am inspired by it. And have been creating my Christmas collection of various pictures, I love to illustrate snowmen.


You can have a look at my portfolio on my website

I wish you all a great week ahead!

It’s the best time of the year

This week has been pretty hectic due to my normal job. But I still have some updates on what I have been working on. Last week I was spending a few days to work up some new pictures for my holiday collection.
It’s a mix of a lot of different things, but I must say that I do love creating snowmen.

Here’s a few illustrations that I did:







I have new projects in the pipeline but this weekend I am taking a rest from my art and just relaxing. Got a few new books for the weekend, so I’m sitting all wrapped up in the couch in front of the fire place reading.


New books from two Irish writers 🙂

Enjoy your weekend all and stay warm and safe!!

Decided to go fishing…!!

Well, not really gone fishing, but have been working on a new picture of a few fishing boats. It has been a fun week here in the Studio, have been doing a little bit of everything.


In the beginning of the week, I sketched these funny illustrations of a few animals.


Mouse and Mushrooms

Night Owls

Night Owls



IMG_1823 IMG_1824

I have been making a little progress with my large boat painting, I have added colour to the little shed on the hill and also some more colours on the first boat. There is a lot to do on this one, so I am moving slow on it.  And in the meantime I am working on some smaller pieces. Here below is a new christmas illustration I completed yesterday, the Advents Calendar.



And here it is finished. This illustration is available as prints and cards, and you can buy them here!

Yesterday I sketched up a new boat painting, and as reference I have used a picture I took while in Gothenburg earlier this year.

IMG_1815IMG_1834Here is the start, and again this picture had some reflections in it  and that is what I had to start to get right when applying the layer for the water. The only change I made from the original photo was to add clouds to the sky and also adding this little moored boat in the foreground.

Fishing boatsWatermark

And here is the finished image – if you would like to buy framed prints or just prints of it – you can visit my shoes at the following links:  Redbubble  and FineArtAmerica

IMG_1836This is the colours I’ve been using for the boats above, and as you can see I have only used a few different pigments and then mixed the colour I wanted. I love working with wet paint and I use both wet on wet and wet on dry techniques. I use wet on wet for the sky and the water and wet on dry on the rest of the picture.

Tomorrow I will start a new project but I will post about that next week. So until then, have a great week all!!