Decided to go fishing…!!

Well, not really gone fishing, but have been working on a new picture of a few fishing boats. It has been a fun week here in the Studio, have been doing a little bit of everything.


In the beginning of the week, I sketched these funny illustrations of a few animals.


Mouse and Mushrooms

Night Owls

Night Owls



IMG_1823 IMG_1824

I have been making a little progress with my large boat painting, I have added colour to the little shed on the hill and also some more colours on the first boat. There is a lot to do on this one, so I am moving slow on it.  And in the meantime I am working on some smaller pieces. Here below is a new christmas illustration I completed yesterday, the Advents Calendar.



And here it is finished. This illustration is available as prints and cards, and you can buy them here!

Yesterday I sketched up a new boat painting, and as reference I have used a picture I took while in Gothenburg earlier this year.

IMG_1815IMG_1834Here is the start, and again this picture had some reflections in it  and that is what I had to start to get right when applying the layer for the water. The only change I made from the original photo was to add clouds to the sky and also adding this little moored boat in the foreground.

Fishing boatsWatermark

And here is the finished image – if you would like to buy framed prints or just prints of it – you can visit my shoes at the following links:  Redbubble  and FineArtAmerica

IMG_1836This is the colours I’ve been using for the boats above, and as you can see I have only used a few different pigments and then mixed the colour I wanted. I love working with wet paint and I use both wet on wet and wet on dry techniques. I use wet on wet for the sky and the water and wet on dry on the rest of the picture.

Tomorrow I will start a new project but I will post about that next week. So until then, have a great week all!!


11 thoughts on “Decided to go fishing…!!

  1. MadSnapper

    your children’s illurstrations are wonderful and each one gets better and better. i love all of these, especially the mushrooms, beautiful.. keep on painting. hope you find a market for your childrens illustrations, they would be beautiful in a book


  2. Wow Eva… These are all wonderful. You are branching out –and I love it… Love the little animals and my fav is the little mouse with those two big teeth… SO adorable.



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