It’s the best time of the year

This week has been pretty hectic due to my normal job. But I still have some updates on what I have been working on. Last week I was spending a few days to work up some new pictures for my holiday collection.
It’s a mix of a lot of different things, but I must say that I do love creating snowmen.

Here’s a few illustrations that I did:







I have new projects in the pipeline but this weekend I am taking a rest from my art and just relaxing. Got a few new books for the weekend, so I’m sitting all wrapped up in the couch in front of the fire place reading.


New books from two Irish writers 🙂

Enjoy your weekend all and stay warm and safe!!


6 thoughts on “It’s the best time of the year

  1. Oh Eva, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your snowmen… I’d like permission to post the Let it Snow one on my sidebar in December. I’ll give you ALL of the credit.. Please let me know —and if you don’t want me to do that, I won’t. Thanks!!!

    Getting ready for another cold blast on Thursday!!!! Looks like winter is coming for sure… VERY busy in the yard!

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