How it all started…

I have been drawing most of my life, and as a little girl I was using every piece of paper that I could find. And during my first school years drawing was my favourite subject. But my real skills wouldn’t pick up until much later in my life. During 1995 – 2000 I was working in the graphic business at a small printing company, where I learnt how to create layouts and various types of graphic settings. This company was specialised in selling customised Christmas cards to companies. And we were working with live artists that provided us with the original artwork in various types.

This is my first real encounter with art and graphic design, when my passion for it sort of awakened. I was learning how to operate and use the Mac computer as a designing tool. And the software used was at the time QuarkXpress for general layouts of our catalogues and such. And I also tapped in to Adobe creative suit, mainly illustrator and Photoshop.
My mentor at this company had a long experience as a typographer and he taught me from scratch all the rules about layout. So I learned graphic design by actually working with it on a daily basis, and I loved it.

It was not until after I left this company that I started to take up my drawing again, but this time I started to add colouring by using watercolour pencils. Gradually I expanded and went over to use watercolour.

Some of you might wonder why cars? Well, in 2012 I started up by doing a set of six car illustrations as a tribute to my Dad that died in a car accident several years ago. And he was a truck driver, hence the cars. But I never thought my art would take such turn for me, and I discovered how fun it actually was to create those illustrations.

It has taken a lot of time and effort to refine my skills, since I don’t have any schooling of art. I have basically taught myself over the years, and of course as an artist you need to learn the basics. And I have found very helpful tutorials on YouTube, and been practicing what I have learnt from them. There are no short cuts really, but if you have the skill to draw it helps, but you really need to sit down and practice. And practice makes perfect…someone said.

And today I am having my art as a hobby, which is gradually growing. And to me having a pretty hectic work, and when I’m off I spend much time doing my illustrations. It’s extremely relaxing almost therapeutic. And at this time of year, having Christmas coming up I am inspired by it. And have been creating my Christmas collection of various pictures, I love to illustrate snowmen.


You can have a look at my portfolio on my website

I wish you all a great week ahead!


7 thoughts on “How it all started…

  1. MadSnapper

    I am so glad you shared this, I always wonder when I meet a true artist, if they were born doing it… this is a great story and we all have gifts, yours is truly a God given gift for illustrations… you already know i love your work


  2. So proud of you… I have been following you and your beautiful work for several years and I do remember your series of cars… Loved reading your ‘story’ —and I can honestly say that you are getting better and better with your art. I loved the 3 generations of men in your life that you did… AND–I really love your Christmas Characters/Snowmen, etc.

    Thanks for sharing. I am honored to know you!!!


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