Life in the Garden – Letter D Illustration

I have reached a little bit further this week in my latest collection – the Alphabet, where I am using animals and creating different scenarios. This week I am going to show and illustrate how my 4th illustration – Life in the Garden came to life. I started to make the drawing last weekend.


I started to colour the flowers and here I have been working with a few Dragonflies to represent the letter D. And to that I added this cute little house and also my characteristic blue birds sitting up on the branches in the tree.

IMG_0017 IMG_0018

I started to colour the flowers using watercolour and after that I went over with acrylics to give a more vibrant colour to it.


I thought the space on the right hand side of the picture was a bit empty, so I added in another tree there. And here I have coloured the house and I have been working with the light here to get the shades correct.


This is how it looks while I am working, and I always have a coffee at hand to keep me going.


Here I have added the sky and coloured the tree trunks, this gives the picture more life.


And today I finally finished  the illustration, by adding the green leaves and give the flowers and the house an extra touch with white paint.

I will be back posting next week and show you my latest illustration…with the letter E…I have already been sketching it and applied the Ink. But stay tuned…for next update.

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Life at the farm – illustration

Yet another week has passed and for me it was a busy one, but now it’s the weekend and time to do what I love most – to create some type of art. And this week I have finished the third illustration in my collection of children’s illustrations about the alphabet.


Last week I was sharing my wip picture of the same illustration, but here it is finished. And if you would like to buy a framed print of it you can visit my website at:


And since I love learning more about art I have bought the above book, how to be an illustrator. Illustrating is not only about drawing, but that is the basic skill you need. I have always loved drawing and have had many years to practice and improve, but I am still learning new things.

And a good way as an illustrator is to practice drawing animals and such, and I am doing some animal studies. Since I love creating those little animal characters, that is truly enjoyable.
The most exiting feeling is when you have completed one illustration, and you can start with the next one from scratch. My next illustration should be fun, I will work with the letter D.


To Illustrate is FUN!!

I’ve started out this year by having a little over a week off work, to catch up on my art and to recharge my batteries. I’ve had a great deal of fun this week by starting a new little project, where I am using the alphabet and creating some new animal characters to go along with it along with a few old ones. And as I mention in my subject line for this post – To Do Illustrations Is FUN!! I really do enjoy it – and to tell you the truth to work on these types of illustrations I work more freely without having any reference photo to work from. I think it’s good to practice this in between other work.

Don’t worry I will still do some more Car Illustrations and other stuff this year, but I also feel I want to take my drawing skills up a notch. Let’s say that is my New Year Resolution for 2015.

PicMonkey Collage1

When I start with an illustration I usually do a draft sketch with a pencil where I then go over with an ink pen to make the final sketch. In these illustrations I have been working with water colour paint and water colour pencils, and I like working with this combination.  In this illustration above I have been working with the letter A (obviously) and there are two ants holding the letter up.

PicMonkey Collage2

The same technique has been used in the above illustration, but added more movements in it, there is a lot of things going on in this picture. You have the busy bee’s delivering honey to their beehive and the birds and the birds nest, and don’t know if you see it but inside the bird nest there’s two more birdies, where you only see the nibs. And then also the beetle climbing up the tree trunk, but he is a friendly one. A few of these characters I’ve used in some of my previous illustrations, the blue birds and the bees. This project is a lot about details, and a lot of things are happening in the pictures.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 15.06.36

I bought this book the other day from  Children’s Picturebooks and it is a very good book if you love creating picture books  it gives you some history about illustration and I find it very helpful in my work. This is one part of a course I am planning to take soon, and thought I would give it a head start and read this book.

PicMonkey Collage3

At the moment I am working on the 3rd illustration with the letter C. This picture takes place on a farm as you can see and deliberately I have chosen animals that starts with the letter C. You have the cat sitting on the sea looking out over the field behind the barn and the cow looking out over the fence and also the chickens at the side of the road. I have left some space for some text eventually.

This was all for me this week, I will be back next week with more updates on what is going on there at the studio.

All the Best!


Happy New Year 2015!!

What way is better to start off a new year, than starting with something new?! For Christmas my family gave me a complete set of oil paints, with everything I need to get started, so there is no reason to hold it off any longer. I have been wanting to venture a new media for some time. I have been using water colours and acrylics for some time now and they are fairly easy to use. And now I am going to face new challenges with my art, and I think that oil will work nicely especially for my boats and sea pictures.

And to summarise 2014 you will find a selection of my illustrations and paintings here below. It has pretty much been a various mix, and some are funny and I have been working freely without using any reference picture and then you have the cars that are close to my heart. Where I work a lot with details, I just love working with the chrome details in lets say a Chevy from the late 50’s. They DO have character which the cars of today doesn’t. They are all streamlined almost in the same way but the classic cars are so beautiful!

I will continue doing my funny illustrations this year, but I will take my skills up a notch. When I look back to when I really got into my art in 2011, I was creating a lot of illustrations while now, I spend more time with each picture.

IMG_2068 IMG_2070 IMG_2071IMG_2069

As you can see from the selections above, the boats and cars are dominating my portfolio but I got into a snowman ‘madness’ over the month of December due to the festive season coming up. Why snowmen? You might wonder, and in fact I simply love them in all forms and shapes and it is so much fun creating your own characters. And even as simple as the illustration below which was the last one I finished in 2014. I have been using watercolours in this one, and it’s one of those spontaneous illustrations that just popped up in my mind and I got to work on it. It was finished fairly quick.

Sometimes when I am in the midst of working on a larger painting that will take me some time to finish, I love to take a break in between to create those smaller funny illustrations. I suppose it keeps my artistic and creative mind in alert mode, that way I rarely get stuck. Well, in fairness everybody get stuck every now and again, but 2014 has been a great year in all areas of my life. And I am having the same exited feeling for 2015.


Well, this was a little summary of my work during 2014 – now I am looking forward to a new year and to start out with some new work. Stay tuned and I will be back at least once per week with updates.

Have a fantastic New Year 2015 everyone!!