Happy New Year 2015!!

What way is better to start off a new year, than starting with something new?! For Christmas my family gave me a complete set of oil paints, with everything I need to get started, so there is no reason to hold it off any longer. I have been wanting to venture a new media for some time. I have been using water colours and acrylics for some time now and they are fairly easy to use. And now I am going to face new challenges with my art, and I think that oil will work nicely especially for my boats and sea pictures.

And to summarise 2014 you will find a selection of my illustrations and paintings here below. It has pretty much been a various mix, and some are funny and I have been working freely without using any reference picture and then you have the cars that are close to my heart. Where I work a lot with details, I just love working with the chrome details in lets say a Chevy from the late 50’s. They DO have character which the cars of today doesn’t. They are all streamlined almost in the same way but the classic cars are so beautiful!

I will continue doing my funny illustrations this year, but I will take my skills up a notch. When I look back to when I really got into my art in 2011, I was creating a lot of illustrations while now, I spend more time with each picture.

IMG_2068 IMG_2070 IMG_2071IMG_2069

As you can see from the selections above, the boats and cars are dominating my portfolio but I got into a snowman ‘madness’ over the month of December due to the festive season coming up. Why snowmen? You might wonder, and in fact I simply love them in all forms and shapes and it is so much fun creating your own characters. And even as simple as the illustration below which was the last one I finished in 2014. I have been using watercolours in this one, and it’s one of those spontaneous illustrations that just popped up in my mind and I got to work on it. It was finished fairly quick.

Sometimes when I am in the midst of working on a larger painting that will take me some time to finish, I love to take a break in between to create those smaller funny illustrations. I suppose it keeps my artistic and creative mind in alert mode, that way I rarely get stuck. Well, in fairness everybody get stuck every now and again, but 2014 has been a great year in all areas of my life. And I am having the same exited feeling for 2015.


Well, this was a little summary of my work during 2014 – now I am looking forward to a new year and to start out with some new work. Stay tuned and I will be back at least once per week with updates.

Have a fantastic New Year 2015 everyone!!


8 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015!!

  1. i really like the North Pole illurstration at the end.. you did have a wonderful year and I hope it continues this year. my hubby is a Grill Man… he judges cars by their grills and of course agrees the older cars have more character.

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  2. Happy New Year to You and Yours… I hope that 2015 is filled with joy, happiness and lots of GOOD HEALTH.

    What a fantastic year you had in 2014… AND–I’m looking forward to your Oil paintings in 2015.


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  3. Good luck with the oils! It’s been a looong time since I tried that but I do know it’s very different from working with water colour. I like your canal boats (or whatever they’re called) with the water reflections and town backgrounds. And cute penguins always tend to draw my attention too! 🙂

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