Life at the farm – illustration

Yet another week has passed and for me it was a busy one, but now it’s the weekend and time to do what I love most – to create some type of art. And this week I have finished the third illustration in my collection of children’s illustrations about the alphabet.


Last week I was sharing my wip picture of the same illustration, but here it is finished. And if you would like to buy a framed print of it you can visit my website at:


And since I love learning more about art I have bought the above book, how to be an illustrator. Illustrating is not only about drawing, but that is the basic skill you need. I have always loved drawing and have had many years to practice and improve, but I am still learning new things.

And a good way as an illustrator is to practice drawing animals and such, and I am doing some animal studies. Since I love creating those little animal characters, that is truly enjoyable.
The most exiting feeling is when you have completed one illustration, and you can start with the next one from scratch. My next illustration should be fun, I will work with the letter D.



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