Life in the Garden – Letter D Illustration

I have reached a little bit further this week in my latest collection – the Alphabet, where I am using animals and creating different scenarios. This week I am going to show and illustrate how my 4th illustration – Life in the Garden came to life. I started to make the drawing last weekend.


I started to colour the flowers and here I have been working with a few Dragonflies to represent the letter D. And to that I added this cute little house and also my characteristic blue birds sitting up on the branches in the tree.

IMG_0017 IMG_0018

I started to colour the flowers using watercolour and after that I went over with acrylics to give a more vibrant colour to it.


I thought the space on the right hand side of the picture was a bit empty, so I added in another tree there. And here I have coloured the house and I have been working with the light here to get the shades correct.


This is how it looks while I am working, and I always have a coffee at hand to keep me going.


Here I have added the sky and coloured the tree trunks, this gives the picture more life.


And today I finally finished  the illustration, by adding the green leaves and give the flowers and the house an extra touch with white paint.

I will be back posting next week and show you my latest illustration…with the letter E…I have already been sketching it and applied the Ink. But stay tuned…for next update.

If you would like to see my most recent work please visit my webpage:


10 thoughts on “Life in the Garden – Letter D Illustration

  1. What a cute illustration, Eva. I love how you created the shingles to the roof of your bird house and your blue birdies look adorable! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a lovely week. Sorry it took me so long to get through the list. See you Sunday! 🙂


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