Some new cool art..!

Celtic Owl_watermark

I have been pretty productive in the past two weeks or so, and thought that I should share some of it here. Here I have been working with a slightly smaller format than usual, A5, to create those small illustrations. It started out last weekend with the little turtle holding the flower for his Mother.

Then as you can see there has been various types and shapes, and I really love.

I have a few larger pieces that I am working on but I will post about them in a later post I think. The weekend is coming to an end and I am slowly preparing for a new work week at my normal 9-5 job. Sometimes I wish the weekends could go by a little bit slower than they do, these two days are just swoshing by.

Celtic S Artwork_watermarkFor Mom_Turtle_WatermarkNative American Mandala_WatermarkPuffin Bird_watermarkThe little Bunny_watermarkSleeping Bug_with Text and watermark

If you want to take a look at more of my work you can visit my website

The original artworks for the above illustrations are all available and if you would like to have a personalized picture made up just send me an email to for more info.

Have Ā a great week everyone!!


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