Happy Clowns


‘Hey Clown’ is an illustration that I completed earlier today, I have been practicing on my illustration technique. I tend to always create a line drawing before starting to apply the paint. I have been using my inktense pencils for a while now while working on the children’s book project. And, it felt good to bring out the paint again.

Street Musician

‘Street Musician’ – watercolour illustration.

Both of these illustrations is available as prints at http://fineartamerica.com/featured/hey-clown-eva-ason.html and at this site I have 90% discount on all prints up until August 1st – use this discount code: NHVTGF


Some new art updates

The summer has arrived and work is pretty busy but holiday is within sight and it’s only a few more weeks to go. 

I have been working on various pieces of art lately. I am well through half of the children’s book I am illustrating and due to copyrighted images I won’t be showing them in any of my posts. Hopefully the book will be piblished and I can show my work on it. It is a very exiting part of my art. 

But I will share some of my recent illustrations I’ve done. Then again I have taken up the cars and give myself some new challenges. 

I have also been out on various hikes and have joined a cycling club in the area I live. 

These are pictures from around Wicklow and I really love this place.