Beautiful Paros, Greece

A taste of Greece – How I do love the food!
A day at the beach in Parikia, Paros.
Beautiful evenings in Parikia, Paros.
B/W images with a touch of colours.

We’ve spent two fantastic week in beautiful Paros, Greece. We had lot’s of sun, swims in the sea, good food, relaxing times…and much more. In other words it was a perfect holiday. My camera was never too far away from me and I took some great snaps. I also gotten some new inspiration for my art and also inspiration to try out new ventures and projects.


This is my latest work in progress, which is made from one of the pictures I’ve taken. I’m hoping to have more updates on this one soon.


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Paros, Greece

  1. Hi Eva, I enjoy reading and seeing your posts SO much. With your amazing talent, you can make any place you photograph/draw look awesome. You all obviously had a great time in Greece. I would love to visit there sometime.. Amazing place for sure.

    Glad you enjoyed seeing our Tetons and Yellowstone photos/info. Hope you can get there sometime.


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  2. Dearest Eva,
    So happy for your lovely and very refreshing two-week vacation on beautiful Paros, Greece!
    A lovely little island for pampering body and soul.
    We just got back on Monday evening from a short 4-night stay in New York City; finally after 32 years doing some real sight seeing there. We were briefly in NYC in January of 1989… with snow and cold miserable weather.
    Sending you hugs,

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