“How does a nature lover survive a day in the city?”


I love the Autumn season when the leaves changes colour, and the air change from being humid during the summer to be more crisp and fresh. You start to feel the atmoshpere changing in September, the scent of the nature gets different. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy the summers, however they tend to be quite wet over here in Ireland. But overall it is not so bad, we do get our nice warm sunny days in between. During my years living here in Ireland I have learnt to take advantage of every nice day we have, and since I am an outdoor person I do spend a lot of time outside either in the garden, going for a spin on my bike or a hike in the mountains.

I am fortunate to live in the county of Wicklow, where we have the mountains just at our doorstep. I absolute love it there, and it also reminds me of the northern parts of Sweden. With it’s wild nature, and beautiful earth colours mixed with green. I would say that even on a rainy day the nature looks beautiful, the colours get somewhat deeper. I know that many would agree with me that Wicklow is a beautiful place.

As it happens I do have my job in the city of Dublin, which means I have to do a commute in and out of the city every day for about an hour. And how does a nature lover survive a day in the city having to be tied to a desk all day? Well for starters, I take every opportunity I can to go for a walk. In the mornings I get off at an earlier tram stop and walk the remaining distance into the office. I try to take different routes to get a little bit of variety depending on how much time I have. If I am very early I walk a longer route and if I arrive closer to eight, I take a shorter route, but I still walk. After a while it becomes a habit and something that I need to do, to manage the hours that I need to stay in the office.

The next walk I get is during my lunch, if the weather allows that is. And so far ‘knock on wood’ the weather has been lovely and dry. Some days when it’s raining and the weather is really miserable out there, I nearly climb the walls from sitting indoors.

I try to stick to different routes during my ‘city’ walks, and we have the beautiful Stephen’s Green Park close to where my office is located. And some days I simply walk over there and bring my camera, and this time of year when the leaves are changing colour and falling to the ground, the trees looks so beautiful. The whole nature is beautiful. One funny thing though, that I often come across every time I am there, there is a guy that I think works at the park maintenance area. Whenever I am walking in the park, doesn’t matter what time, he always comes running. He seems to be a serious runner. It’s funny how some people have their daily habits, just like me. He probably think the same as I do, that if I don’t get out do my running, I will go crazy!! Who knows what other’s are thinking while they are out walking or running.

The lunch walks is when I am sort of emptying my head from the drama and stress that I encounter at the office. This is my ‘me’ time – and also the reason I am able to survive my days in the city. I see many people while out walking that would benefit from taking a moment to stop and ‘smell the roses’, as the saying goes. Why running around like a headless chicken and litterally holding their phone under their nose?

These things often makes me laugh to myself though, I found it a little amusing. I did a test once with a lady, she was walking on the foot path, walking towards me. But she was so busy working away with her phone so she didn’t see me coming. I was thinking, here is my chance. So, I simply walked towards her and a few metres in front of her I stopped. I was so curious to know how she would react. Before she was about to walk into me, she looked up and managed to avoid the ‘collission’, and said with a surprised look on her face: ‘Oh, sorry sorry !’.  And then she just continued walking.

So you can imagine at by the time I finally leave the city, I feel so relieved. Thinking to myself: ‘Countryside here I come!’ And when I have parked the car outside the house, I draw a relived sigh and say to myself – ‘I survived another day in the city!’

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5 thoughts on ““How does a nature lover survive a day in the city?”

  1. i really enjoyed this peak into your city/country lifestyle. i wish i had done what you are doing when i was your age. this is not only healthy for your body but for your mind and soul.. when i was in the work place, i saw people driving all over trying to shop in one hour and get back on time, stress at work stress during lunch. i always took my lunch and ate outside when i could and sometimes walked sometimes read book…

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    1. That’s the way to do it. I hate the thought eating my lunch in the office or at my desk even, I need a proper break. And, if I don’t leave my desk people would still come over and bother me.


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