How do we adapt to changes?

Some say that changes are good, and I agree on that. To make changes is a good thing, expecially if we find ourselves feeling stuck in a job that makes us feel miserable, or in a relationship that is not healthy or even find ourselves living in a place where we do not feel happy. Well, there are many reasons to why we sometimes want to make changes in our lives. Changes are often necessary to be able to create an environment that is much healthier, and to perhaps break some negative patterns that we sometimes fall into.

         And how well do we adapt to changes? Well, we are all different individuals and may react and adapt differently to changes. I myself was facing some difficulties in my life over a good few years in the beginning of the new millennium, there were a lot of things that had happened and that was sort of forcing me to make some changes in my life. I took a little time out in mid 2006 and went over to stay in Virginia Beach VA, I had a very good time there taking daily walks along the beach. And in the evenings I often sat by the sea watching the waves rolling in. The months I stayed there was good for me, I got some distance from the negative things that were surrounding me back home in Sweden, and had time to reflect on things.

      Anyway, all good things has an end at some stage, and I eventually had to go back home and figure out what direction I want my life to go. This meant I had to start looking for a new job, and I was extending my job search outside Sweden.  I was having doubts that Sweden might not be the right place for me, there had just been too many sad and negative things happening. My Dad died suddenly, my marriage broke down, and there were some family matters that was not healthy.

       And, one day a German job agency approached me having a few jobs that might be interesting to me. I think I had two job interviews over the phone in the same week.  Both jobs were located in Cork city, Ireland. Fifteen minutes after my second interview, the job agency rang me asking which job I’d like to go for? I literally had to decide there and then, not a lot of time to consider the pro’s and con’s. But I was thinking – ‘What do I have to loose?’ I really needed a new change for myself, to give myself a new start, but was I prepared to leave  the country where I grew up? What would my family think? What would everybody else think? These were the things that were going on in my head.  And you can imagine only  having about fifteen minutes to decide about your life change? 

   And as you probably have guessed already , I siezed the moment and went for it.  I did not have anything to loose. I was thinking at the time, that it could not be any worse than it already was, could it?

It was on a Thursday that I let the job agency  know my decision, and on Saturday that same week I set foot for the first time in Ireland. I was going to start my new job the following Monday, which meant I would only have one day before I’d start the new job. So there I was on my own in a foreign country, trying to adapt to the big change as this was for me. I went in for a new job, knowing it would only be temporary for a month or so. But as it turned out I was one of the lucky to remain in the company at the time, and now  some nine years later I am still living in Ireland.

       When I think back to late November 2006, and my move to Ireland, it was a very sort of frightening and  unsecure time. But having said that, this was a very good decision that I made for myself. This made me grow as a person, and I managed to create a good environment for myself.  And today I am happily married  to a very nice Irish man, and my life has been given new meaning. There are still some more changes on the horizon, but these are all good changes and it feels great to have  somebody to make those changes with. 

    So for those of you out there, that is having thoughts of  making  changes for yourself. Make the changes that is for you, and do not  care of what others may say or think, you are important for you! People do always have their opinion and judgments, but  they’re not the ones that will live your life. You ARE important and you ARE allowed to take your place in this world – for YOU!

~ Eva’s Chronicles ~


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