What are you passionate about?

“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called Stress; Working har for something we love is called Passion.”

                        Simon Sinek

What are you passionate about?

I think that in the society we live today, when everyday is filled with all the ‘ have to’s’ and ‘must do’s’, and at times it can feel a little overwhelming. It is so easy to get caught up in everything that we have to do, that we forget about the things that we love to do. You are perhaps thinking, that ‘I can do that later, I have no time to do it  now’or ‘When all this is done I will sit down and do the stuff I enjoy’. Believe me, if you don’t take time to do what you love, now. Then you will probably never get to it because there will always be something else coming in the way that you ‘have to do’. 

At  times you may feel stressed or totally exhausted, that you don’t feel like to doing anything, well that is absolutely fine to. Because it is important to listen to our body, and if it tells you to just rest and do nothing, then that is what you should do. 

I have experienced the feeling a lot of times, not having the feeling to do anything, that nothing is fun or interests me anymore. Suppose we all go through phases in life. During the past five plus years, I’ve been working in a very stressful and at times negative environment. There were days when I was thinking, how  will I manage to go through this day? But in some miraculous way I DID manage, but I could feel that my ‘passion’ wasn’t in it, it only caused me to feel stressed out and miserable. But, when I actually started to take time to do what I really enjoy and love doing in my free time, things sort of changed and I was able to  cope with the stress better. And I could feel that my life was starting to have meaning again. Life isn’t only about working hard day in and day out, well it is good of course because it gives us what we need; a roof over our heads, food on our tables, clothes to wear etc. 

Back in 2012 I started to take my art more seriously, up until then I was not very active in creating art. I have always been drawing and all that but, it was like I needed to ‘kick’ myself to get going. Then one day I came up with the idea that I wanted to draw classic cars, and I created a few illustrations that were meant to be as a tribute to my Dad, that died suddenly  eighteen years ago, he was a truck driver.. But when I was finished with those illustrations I thought to myself that this is really fun. I  enjoy working with these classic cars,  they have so much details, and a character that you do not find in the cars we have today.


This is one of my early illustrations
The illustration above is of a Lincon Capri if I remember correctly, and I even have this cool red ‘toy’ car  which I couldn’t restist buying at an airport a few years back. During the past  three years I have built up a big portfolio of classic and vintage cars. 


Work in progress
This vintage car is what I am currently working on, a good friend of mine has borrowed me some reference pictures of this particular car. And I am hoping to have this finished soon. When I do art  it is not unusual to me to have several work ongoing at the same time, simultaneously. At the moment I am in the last phase of a children’s book project where I am the illustrator. And having worked on this along side my ‘normal’ day job, has helped a lot to cope with stress.

Having said that, it is also important to give yourself time and space to just be and do NOTHING!  I am passionate about art, photography and the nature, and if I don’t get my fair share of those things in my life, I am snookered and get off balance, in a way. But there is also times when I simply take a Time-Out from everything, and put on my hiking gear or cycling gear and get out in the nature. There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than being outdoor in nature. 

Yep, this is me alright!  And it is so refreshing for the mind to get up in the mountains.  This picture was taken up in the Wicklow mountains, close to Glencree, where we were stopping for a coffee break before heading all the way down again. During this spin we did some 50km or so.

So all this is what I am passionate about and what is helping me to cope with stress. Luckily I will change job in a couple days and there will be some small changes, on a positive note.

Hope you have enjoyed reading and I wish you all a great weekend!

~ Eva’s Chronicles ~


9 thoughts on “What are you passionate about?

  1. Like your vintage cars, you do an excellent job. We all need down time from the stresses of life. Getting out into nature is my way of destressing. Taking photos, drawing, arts and crafts are all enjoyable. Everyone needs those do nothing days too. Nice post.

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  2. Dearest Eva,
    Lovely post and so well written!
    Yes, certain things can drain your energy negatively and we need to ‘gas up’ on positive energy somehow!
    I just finished scanning lots of crocheting patterns for my baby-sis. I’d shown her the magazines through our Skype call and she fell in love with them. So naturally I promised her to to this. Labor of love; not stressful but rewarding. I myself also love to crochet, especially patterns with roses and also fleur de lys. Have to redo my crocheted curtains in the veranda, they are worn out after 40 years of hanging in the sunshine!
    Oh, I also love to bake, make chocolates and cook dinner for friends.
    We both love to bike but we’re not as brave as you, going up and down the hill. We’ve sold our bikes with the 7-gears and now have 21-gears as it is rather hilly here and very hot and humid most of the year.
    Going to mountainous regions and hike in nature is another thing we love to do. Even though, Pieter cannot walk as long anymore since he had heart cramps around Mom’s death in the end of January… That’s something we must consider for the future.
    We love to travel together and admire great architecture.
    Drawing I’ve done in the past, just a little bit but never any water color art.
    My stress job is getting all my photos scanned and having that MEGA job finally finished. Making everything digital and trashing albums. Creating a lot of space on the shelves.
    One day I will cheer for having reached that goal!
    Gardening is another hobby but both of us are not as intense doing it as we once used to.
    Wishing you a happy beginning at your new job!

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