Ramblings from a cyclist

Sundays are the usual days to go out for a cycle spin with the club. And waking up at 8am feeling the chill in the house, makes you thinking that oh, I just think I’ll turn around and have a snooze. But then something inside me tells me to get my butt in gear and get up. And when looking out the window, it was all calm and nice; ‘What a glorious morning for a cycle spin’. 

So, the   cycling   gear  came  on and I was ready to ‘rock’ and off I went. I usually take a 6km warm up route down to our meeting spot, at the Grove Bar in Kilpedder. The air was chilly and I was glad that I put my warm hat and gloves on. The roads are so quiet at that time in the morning, especially a Sunday morning, well some poeple have the sense to stay in bed on a Sunday morning. And not like this crazy Swede, getting all geared up to get out and about. But, the truth is that I really love getting out early while the nature is sort of undisturbed and quiet. I am use to these occassions from living in Sweden, and during the winter, getting out walking in the snow that fell during the night, painting the landscape all white. Breaking new paths in the untouched snow….ah, bliss!

Since I’ve taken up cycling I have been seeing such beautiful landscape that surrounds all co. Wicklow. The beauty is breath taking, imagine having all this at your doorstep (more or less), makes me feel so grateful. I’ve said it before that I aint no city girl but rather a true country girl. And in the picture above we had been climbing for a while on those ‘hilly’ roads but it was so worth it.  And look at the scenery looking down, those of you that are familiar with Wicklow will see the big ‘sugar loaf’ in the background. It’s a mountain that basically looks like a sugar loaf, hence the name. I am driving by this mountain every day going to and from work.

Here is a different view of the same mountain, I took this photo while out hiking with a group.

Well, going back to the adventure of yesterday’s spin. We started out on the lowland roads following the coast road leading towards Wicklow town. These are nice and narrow roads, with not too much traffic, not at that early hour anyway. Before we reached the  Wicklow town we turned right and headed more inland towards the mountains. You’ll find all sorts of roads here, some are fairly flat and some are very hilly. But we started out on a fairly flat road, it was only slightly uphills, enough to keep your legs going in a steady pace, and  comfortable. But after a while we turned up a road, where it was really steep. And when we reached the ‘hilly’ part of the road, and it was really going up, up and up. And after each turn of the road there was another hill to climb, I saw no end to it and was really thinking at that moment; ‘I must be crazy being out doing these climbs on a Sunday morning?’

But we finally reached the top anyway, and it was flattening out a little before it started to go down hill again. Great, I was thinking to myself, finally I can rest my legs for a while. And further down we reached a part where the road gets  narrower and you have to cross a short one laned bridge.  Once over the bridge there is another turn in the road, and what do I see? Yes you guessed right, another steep hill to climb, I was ready to give up at that stage.  But  was peddling along, and eventuallly we reached the lower lands again. And I was thinking about the lovely coffee and scone I would get once we reached the coffee place where we have our little gathering, before everybody goes back home.

This sunday we covered some 55km  and then adding my 6km will make it 60km in total.  And I can tell you that my legs were a bit tired, and for the rest of that day I was being a couch potato, but could feel good about it. I’ll have tomorrow off as well, to do things that I need to do.

To be out and about, especially in the nature gives me a lot of energy and it keeps me sane in the stressful world that we all live in. I will probably  keep on doing this for as long as I have the health to do so. And for being 48 years old I would say I feel in pretty good shape, all the rowing and running has certainly helped too. but in general I have always vouched for healthy living. And plan to continue doing so.  I am fortunate having good health, and for that I am grateful! 
~ Eva’s Chronicles~ 


13 thoughts on “Ramblings from a cyclist

  1. Sounds like you had a grand time. I love nature, getting out early before others wake up and enjoying the sunrises and the quiet. You chose to get out of that warm bed and you had a great day, that is wonderful. Doing pretty good there for your age.

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    1. Even though it was hard work, it always feels good once we are done, meeting for that well deserved coffee, it just feels so rewarding. Guess knowing this is what helps me out of bed on a Sunday morning.

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    1. I had to give up running because it was hard on my lower back, even though I loved it. So I took up cycling instead, and its really nice to cycling with others from the club. I only cycle once per week, the rest of the time I go to the gym to get the additional training now during the darker period.


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