To live in the moment

“What day is it? asked Pooh. It is today, squeaked Piglet. “My favourite day. said Pooh”

Life is one big roller coaster, it goes up and down as the days passes. Some days we are facing difficult tasks or hurdles, that at times can discourage us and make us feel demotivated and at times down. How many of you haven’t had that big lump in your stomach of discomfort when you are standing in front of something unpleasant? I am raising my hand up for that question. Recently I have been facing some obstacles that I simply had to jump over, well not really jump but you get the idea. But what a relief once I had made that jump, and also knowing you have med the right decision, what is best for you. Well, basically I, for once, dared to enter through that door that was opened in front of me. And at that moment I realized that I simply could  not let this opportunity pass me by, so I litterally had to take the bull by the horns and go for it.

And then we have those days when everything is just hunky dory, and everything runs smoothly. At those moments you wish that it could stay that way, when you would have no obstacles to climb, or no negative people to deal with or whatever it might be. When I am having those periods of good times, when everything is in harmony and you spend little time worrying about what’s laying ahead etc. I too know that there will come days that are a little bit more challenging, and that calls for a great deal of patience and common sense, perhaps. There is one thing that I have learned, and that is to live in the moment – here and now

I try to not spend too much time worrying, some days it’s hard and some days it is easier, suppose it depends on the circumstances. But, to take things and life for what it is, is a good thing. One other thing I have learned is that life is fragile and can change from one second to another. And my little advice to you is to not pushing things that you wish to do or acomplish til tomorrow, just seize the day and live your life TODAY! Tomorrow can be too late. 

There is another quote that I like: 

I created this illustration sometime earlier this year. And I really like the sentiment of it. He was a wise little teddy bear, Pooh, don’t you think?  It is just so simple but yet so difficult (at times) to live by.

~ Eva’s Chronicles ~


6 thoughts on “To live in the moment

  1. Yes, Pooh was a wise little Teddy Bear. Life is a roller coaster, I say that all the time. I try to live in the moment, but that is not easy. We need to learn to live each day to the fullest, we may not have tomorrow. Nice post

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  2. Dearest Eva,
    Love your reading and it is refreshing to stop by and if at the end the reward is such a lovely illustration, one leaves with a smile!
    Thank you so much. At the moment it rains and rains. Had to drive already two days through such awful rain back from a hospital visit where a dear friend is recovering from quadruple bypass surgery. His wife stayed with him, curling up on a two-seat sleeper for the night in the waiting room where family awaits the doctor after surgery is over with. She’s about your size so she will appreciate the sleeper sofa in his regular hospital room for tonight. A big upgrade already. Hope he recovers fast and that the sun will be shining again!
    Sending you hugs,

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    1. Thank you very much Mariette, I love to inspire others and spread a little of my positivity 🙂 It’s been rainy and windy over here but this morning was not too bad. Hope your friend recovers quickly.


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