Rambles by an enthusiastic cyclist

IMG_1430You may think that cycling is not a yearround sport, but in fact it is. In the club I am a member, we get out all year, well during the winter we get out and about as often as the weather allows us to. We are not that crazy that we would get out cycling on a Sunday morning if the rain is poring down, everything in moderation as the wise guys use to say. And this morning it was absolutely beautiful. Yes, the wind was blowing but it was not as bad as it had been earlier in the week. We had a really bad week weather wise, we had rain falling and it was not falling straight down no no, it was falling on the side and to make it even more interesting, we had very heavy winds as well. So judge of my excitement wanting to get out and about was just equal to zero. All I wanted to do once I had finished work was to go home, put my feet up in front of the fire place. That is the best feeling ever, when the weather is rough outside.

But this morning we actually had lovely sunshine and the temperature was down to +4 degrees Celcius or so, not too bad and if you wrap up well you’ll be ok. It is important before getting out, to think “layers” and preferably to use sports gear that is breathable and transporting the heat from the body out through the layers. But the clothes you’re wearing should not be too heavy, because when you’re working your way along on the bike, you will get warm and at some stage today I felt like a steam cooker, could almost imagine the steam poring out through my jacket. But, I was not cold and I could not feel the cold from the wind getting through my layers and onto my bare skin. We had the sun in our face going out on our spin, and the sunglasses were getting steamy as you were getting warm from the exercise. So, go figure.

DSC00724I do live in the most beautiful spot in Ireland, well in my opinion. Co Wicklow has so much beauty with the mountains, the hills  and also the sea. And something that we do have a lot of are hills, and depending on the route we decide to take, there are always some hills that we need to climb. Today we were taking the coast road and stayed most of the spin on the lower roads due to the wind, and here I was thinking, yep that works for me. But then when we turned towards Glenealy I was thinking o-oh I know this route and there are some hills we need to get by on the way back to our end spot. And since we usually stick to the more quiet roads with less traffic, there are some really narrow and hilly roads.


This picture here on the left, is taken down by the rail road going from Wicklow town and into Dublin city. My husband and I often get down to the beach in Kilcoole and go for a walk. But you will see the hills and mountains in the background in this photo.

Not every spin we do is as hard as it felt today, but the fact that it was my first spin in 4 weeks, so my legs were like spagetti by the time we finished after 50km up and down the roads/hills. But that doesn’t stop me from keep doing it, because it gives you so much boost of energy and you get the opportunity to be out in the fresh air too. I will rest for a day or two and then I will be fit for fight again. And, I am so grateful that I have the physique and health to keep doing this, and to see all those beautiful views along the way comes like a huge bonus. And hopefully we will keep having those clear fresh days, with no frost or ice.

Have a great week everyone and live life to the fullest!

~ Eva’s Chronicles ~


8 thoughts on “Rambles by an enthusiastic cyclist

  1. Dearest Eva,
    Wow, 50 km in such hilly territory that is quite an achievement.
    But like you say, the rewards are very big.
    Sending you hugs, I’m rather tired from our monthly trip to Atlanta for stocking up at Costco wholesale etc. Today it was such heavy traffic, due to Thursday being Thanksgiving. A BIG family gathering and this is a peak travel time.
    Glad I made it back home safely in 2 hours and 45 minutes…

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