A little bit of everything


It’s only a few more days left of November before the season of the lights is here. The evenings are longer and darker, and it’s getting colder out there. That is why I enjoy the time that we now have in front of us. I don’t know about you but I love it when December slowly sneaking up on us, knowing that soon…very soon we will put up all the decorations and the Christmas tree. To make the house look cosy with all the lights and the cute decorations that we put up here and there.


My Christmas mood usually arrives somewhere in October, when I feel the “itch” in my fingers to create new illustrations for the winter and Christmas season. However this year I am somewhat late and haven’t been as productive as I use to, but the reason to that is many. But the Christmas cards has been sorted and they are ready to be written and sent out to family and friends. I have been busy changing job, and it takes a while to get into the hang of things. I am also doing my studies, which I really enjoy, I love learning new things and particularly something that really interests me.


Some may think that forensic science is a boring subject, but to me it is very interesting. And basically, when it comes down to it, it is really crime scene investigation it is all about. It is just many areas to get into, and mainly to get the methods and procedures right. No one knows where this will take me, but I will definitely continue this journey, if ever so slowly.


This is how messy my study desk can look at times, but you should really see when I have all the books out, and the thing is that I use them all occasionally, and I like having useful reference books.

It takes a lot of patience and discipline. And how do you manage that when having a full time job to take care of? Well if it is something that you really like I think it is easier, and I feel like a sponge, I am just sucking up all the knowledge I can in this area.


This week was a busier than the previous weeks, so I might just take this weekend to catch up on things at home, might be a cycle tour on Sunday if the weather is good enough. The weather tend to be a bit more unreliable these days. This evening it has gotten colder again, the wind is biting through everything. But if you wrap up well you should be alright. But I won’t worry about that too much now, I won’t know until Sunday morning anyway, so why worry? Why worry about things that we have no control over?

However I have to admit that there lives a little ‘worrier’  (no not warrior) inside me. I think we all doubt things every once in a while. I notice that this evening I am typing as my mind wander, I seem to be all over the place but I can assure you that I have things under control, at least I think so. It’s just that sometimes when I sit down to prepare myself to write my blog post, things are coming to me from every direction and I have a hard time keeping up. My fingers are flying over the keyboard.

Advent – One of Sweden’s Christmas Traditions Here you can read more about the Swedish traditions when it comes to Christmas. I think that is why I love putting up the lights and Christmas decorations early in December, because that is what I always have been use to do. We always put up the lights at the first of advent. And some years that would fall in the last Sunday in November. But this is that start of the big countdown until 24th of December which is our big day.

I have never liked the craziness about getting a lot of stuff, but I really enjoy the preparations and my speciality is to do the baking. Which reminds me I need to root out my special Christmas recipes. I have a few things I only bake at Christmas.


Well, I will leave you on this note for now, and wish you a fantastic and relaxing weekend.

~ Eva’s Chronicles ~




8 thoughts on “A little bit of everything

  1. you really are busy and i am happy for you that you are enjoying your lessons.. if you have any questions on forensic science, just email me. i have a degree that I got from reading 200 books a year… i read 3 books a week and all of them are about crime and CSI from CIA to FBI … he he he.. you might want to verify any answers i give you

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    1. I love reading those books as well, have recently stocked up with some good reads that will keep me busy over the coming months or so. A mix of James Paterson, Peter James and one Swedish author Kristina Ohlsson 🙂


  2. Dearest Eva,
    One can easily tell that you love the upcoming season and rightly so with your tradition of candlelit evenings with traditional Glögg and ginger cookies. I too love those age old traditions from our birth country. More than all the commercial things that overwhelm us.
    Quiet time at home with some candles or a brisk walk in the fresh air like we did this afternoon. Not warm with only 10 C but so healthy. Biking we like to do when it is warmer…
    You love your new study and that’s what assures you the success of it. Anything we do with such passion will eventually proof its results.

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