Random thoughts….on a Monday

I saw a nice text today and it said:

“Sometimes I feel like just shutting my cell phone off, sell my car, move to a cabin in the woods and live off the land”

How beautiful that sounds. It would feel really nice to have a cabin in the middle of nowhere, up in the mountains, a place to retreat to every now and then. To disconnect from the madness we call life.

Imagine sitting outside the cabin in the woods an early morning, with a freshly Mae coffee in your hand, just listening to the quietness around you. And if you pay attention and listen carefully, and start to tune in to the surroundings, you will hear the nature speak to you. Not only the birds, but also the trees and bushes. The breeze making its way through the trees, making that soothing and relaxing sound, pay close attention and you will hear the leaves rattling slightly and the branches making a soft creaking sound by its movements. 

Just sit there, close your eyes, feeling the heat from the coffee cup in your hands, making them warm, the breeze is slightly brushing over your face, making you feel slightly chilly. But you don’t really care, because you feel so good sitting there, you take a deep liberating breath, and just feel all stress leaving your body as you breathe.

You slowly begin opening your eyes and start to see all the beauty that surrounds you. You see that little bird busying away building its nest, making it ready for his new family. They don’t seem to have anymore ids in their lives. It’s just seems so simple, I like simple. They thrive on their survival instincts, catching the food they need, and building their nests, bringing up their new family to see their chicks grow and eventually fly away leaving the nest, and the circle starts all over again. How beautiful!

While we humans put a lot of pressure on ourselves, wanting more and more. Is it all really worth it?! I often wonder. To work ourselves sick, by stressing and worrying, wanting “more things”?! I think I have mentioned this a few times in my posts, but it never hurt to say it again as a reminder; don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, just for a moment. Take a break, because you owe it to yourself, you deserve to take a moment just for you! Even if it’s just for five minutes, but these five minutes can really make a difference, you won’t regret it!! 

Be good to yourself!


New beginnings

Dear past, Thanks for all the lessons. Dear Future, I am ready!

This is my first blogpost for 2016, it’s a new year and , and haven’t quite decided what this post will be about. I will simply make it up as I go along. A new year is always a bit exiting to me, you have a whole new year in front of you, with new opportunities, new things to start, perhaps. I had an amazing and well needed break from work over the Christmas and New Year holidays, and I went into a drawing frenzy there for a while, think I showed the drawings in my previous post. But, I hadn’t been in my typical illustration mood for a long time, so when I finally did, it was like yes here we go! 

I am currently working on a theme using the zodiac signs, and some Celtic patterns.    


This year I will focus a bit more on my illustration skills, there is always room for improvement, and I enjoy trying out new things and tools. Once I have finished a course I am currently doing, and when work has slowed down a bit I will focus on the illustration piece and actually sign up for a course. There is so much to illustrating than what is showing, I mean you can draw and all that, but you also have to think about composition, harmonies (in some images), and also what the picture will say to those that are viewing it. 

During the past weeks I have been leaning more and more towards working with ink. There is so much that you can do, and I love doing line drawings..

Here above are a few more samples on what I have been working on lately. In these drawings I have been using ink, and Derwent inktense pencils. I bought some really cool ink pens the other day @ Evan’s Art Supplies in Dublin, to go in there for me, it is like entering a candy store. These ink pens has water based ink, that you can sort of creating really cool art with, you can use water to create a watercolour effect, and you can spray it onto the paper and then blow on it and it will create cool abstracts. It’s fun and there’s no limits to what you can create, only your imagination. I often laugh to myself when I get those light bulb moments, and ca-Ching an image is materialising in my head. What I usually do then is to drop what I am doing, unless I’m in the shower or something, and get to it. 

Well, you get the idea?!  That’s all I have for the moment, I will be back with more updates soon.

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