Random thoughts….on a Monday

I saw a nice text today and it said:

“Sometimes I feel like just shutting my cell phone off, sell my car, move to a cabin in the woods and live off the land”

How beautiful that sounds. It would feel really nice to have a cabin in the middle of nowhere, up in the mountains, a place to retreat to every now and then. To disconnect from the madness we call life.

Imagine sitting outside the cabin in the woods an early morning, with a freshly Mae coffee in your hand, just listening to the quietness around you. And if you pay attention and listen carefully, and start to tune in to the surroundings, you will hear the nature speak to you. Not only the birds, but also the trees and bushes. The breeze making its way through the trees, making that soothing and relaxing sound, pay close attention and you will hear the leaves rattling slightly and the branches making a soft creaking sound by its movements. 

Just sit there, close your eyes, feeling the heat from the coffee cup in your hands, making them warm, the breeze is slightly brushing over your face, making you feel slightly chilly. But you don’t really care, because you feel so good sitting there, you take a deep liberating breath, and just feel all stress leaving your body as you breathe.

You slowly begin opening your eyes and start to see all the beauty that surrounds you. You see that little bird busying away building its nest, making it ready for his new family. They don’t seem to have anymore ids in their lives. It’s just seems so simple, I like simple. They thrive on their survival instincts, catching the food they need, and building their nests, bringing up their new family to see their chicks grow and eventually fly away leaving the nest, and the circle starts all over again. How beautiful!

While we humans put a lot of pressure on ourselves, wanting more and more. Is it all really worth it?! I often wonder. To work ourselves sick, by stressing and worrying, wanting “more things”?! I think I have mentioned this a few times in my posts, but it never hurt to say it again as a reminder; don’t forget to stop and smell the roses, just for a moment. Take a break, because you owe it to yourself, you deserve to take a moment just for you! Even if it’s just for five minutes, but these five minutes can really make a difference, you won’t regret it!! 

Be good to yourself!


7 thoughts on “Random thoughts….on a Monday

  1. I could have written this post. This is me. I would love that cabin in the mountains. I often sit outside away from the cell phones, t.v., computer with that cup of coffee, watch the birds, feel the breeze, close my eyes, let it all go. Life is too hectic. Eva, you wrote this post just perfect. I have been reading about meditation lately and they say give yourself 10 minutes a day to do just what you described here. GREAT JOB EVA!

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  2. since having a cabin in the woods is not practical for most people, the easy thing to do is just turn off the phone and go sit out in your own yard or in a park. leave the phone in the car or at home. lay down the tech stuff and take a moment to do what you would do in the woods. people make their own stress, which means they can make their own peace. most of the time.

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  3. Dearest Eva,
    Yes so very true… Today is the 1st anniversary of my Mom’s death and you realize how quick time passes and how suddenly life itself can end. Sure, Mom was on dialysis so realistically we knew but still. When it happens it sets in so rapidly and surprises those that are not fully aware of the fatal ending that’s nearing fast. I am grateful for having seen it ahead and when she still was very alert and not under morphine, I called her at 2:00 AM our time, for her 8:00 AM and a kind nurse lend her the phone to converse with me for half an hour. That was my personal chat and farewell to her; very personal with nobody around to interfere or worse, from preventing her from speaking from the heart as I lived through so often. Dad always has been the very dominant figure and she was submissive for almost 66 years… Saint like and I love her for what she did and am so happy that she is at peace now and has time to herself after all those sacrifices and caring. She also is together with my still born sister whom she never got to see after birth as they took her away from her… What a cruel thing to do back than. It was actually my sister’s birthday when I made that special call with Mom; January 11 on her 65th birthday in heaven. Mom was very happy and for sure was looking forward to finally meeting her. They will watch over us; one can almost feel that.
    Sending you hugs and stay warm, even if it means for ‘cupping’ your hands around a coffee or tea. I’m more into tea after my breakfast cup.

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    1. Hi Mariette,
      I enjoy having those quiet moments, and planning to have a relaxing weekend, work is quite busy at the moment and will be for a while yet. It was nice that you had that special moment with your mom before she went, it meant a lot I’m sure, and these moments sometimes keeps us going when where experiencing difficulties. Enjoy your day!


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