The Swede in Denmark

During the past week I have been in Copenhagen, Denmark, on a business/work trip, and I really like Copenhagen. The people are so laid back and plain nice, I am not at all saying this because I am Scandinavian my self, there are variances between the Scandinavian people, as there are in other parts of the World. Copenhagen is the first stop of my four week travel. And I think this is a good place to start, first of all, from living in Ireland for nearly ten years getting use to much milder weather, and then coming to Denmark where it is not as cold as in the other Scandinavian countries. Well it is cold of course, but comparing to Sweden and Norway which will be my next destinations, the temperatures is a bit lower.

The food is very good and I love the breads and cheeses in all types of variances.


I have already experienced snow during my stay, even though it only lasted for a couple of hours before it sort of melted again, but here and there you can still see some patches of it.


I walked by this store the other evening while walking along Strøget, which is a long street with shops and restaurants, and no cars. I really enjoy walking there, because here and there they have larger open places, and in those places there can either be a big statue in the middle or even a fountain, and it has cobble stones. And after a busy day in the office, getting down here is a little treat. Even though it gets dark quick, you still get to enjoy the city life and some shops are still open.


This is the parliament building and in front there is this huge open space and in the middle of it there is a stand where you can buy danish pølser (hot dog) and this is something I really have to try. It is really nice to stop having one of those when you are out walking, to get something warm to eat. They have those stands here and there in the city.

Today it will be a walk down towards Nyhavn with my husband that arrived yesterday to spend the weekend. I haven’t been in Nyhavn in many years now and I always love walking down there, so we shall see.  What I wanted to say is that I always love coming back to Scandinavia, and in this trip I’ll have the opportunity to visit three of them.

I’ll have one more week here in Denmark before I travel to my next destination, Sweden (Gothenburg and Stockholm) and more updates will follow as I travel along. As I mentioned it’s a work trip but trying to make the most of it.




6 thoughts on “The Swede in Denmark

  1. Such a nice post Eva. Enjoyed your photos and learning how you are enjoying your free time in Denmark. Glad your husband could join you for the weekend. Hope your entire work trip goes well and you share all the great pictures with us. Keep safe and warm.

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    1. We are only travelling now in the beginning, while we do these finance transfers into our new office in Dublin. It’s very interesting and nice to meet the people in the actual countries 🙂


  2. Dearest Eva,
    You do what we always tried to do; indulge in the free weekends in-between such work trips and it comes down to a blessing!
    Not everyone is able to actually work in foreign countries and that sheds such a good light on knowing the culture, its people and all.
    Oh, I envy you for the bread. Cheese we loved to eat but it’s not on our diet anymore due to its high cholesterol content. Indulge while you can. Hope your weekend together was fabulous.


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