It’s bliss to be back home!!

I say that because Ireland has become my home, and after ten years living here I keep thinking where did the time go? I remember the first day I arrived in 2006, it was on a Saturday so I would have one day to get to know the place, and it was Cork city at the time, before it was time to put on the work suit. Well not really but you really wanted to look your best on your first day at work. These guys have never met me before, since they were interviewing me over the phone while I was still in Sweden. 

Oh boy, it was a time filled with all sorts of things and worries. Here I was in a new country, having to get use to the language even though I was doubting I would ever be able to follow their language, they were speaking so fast it was unreal, the sentences to me was one long blurb. But funnily enough it took a couple of months then I was in the game, and could follow and even get the Irish jokes lol! Well now in fairness my English was already good when I arrived so I did have some advantage compared to some that had nada English in the background. 

My first job was to work for Apple, and you would think that was a posh job, but we really had to work hard. But one good thing though, you had the opportunity to have great tools to work with. ‘Spose that’s a good thing right? Anyhow it’s not only the job you were worried about, you need some place to live and that would make you feel comfortable in your new country. And that would prove to be a challenge, the rent was so bloomin’ expensive so to have a place on your own was out of the question. Eventually I found a house that I shared with two other girls. But still I had this nagging feeling that sharing is not my thing.

So after two years I was having my own place ( renting of course) and my own car and boy did that feel good or what?! Freedom!! One haux though, they drive on the wrong side here!!! I was used to drive on he right side of the road, and now I had to drive on the left side, very confusing. Don’t know how many times i was dying to myself…think left…left!!! But a couple of days driving around in cork city and that problem was solved. Now days it feels weird to be back in my home country and being on the other side. 

I feel so glad to be back home after four weeks in Scandinavia, I did get my fair share of the a area for a while, and to live in a box is not the ideal but you do what you have to do when you’re out there working. 

Enjoy sitting here in our garden absorbing some D vitamins after a spin with the cycling club this morning. And feeling pure BLISS!!! This IS my home!!!

Take care and never postpone life, live here and now!!

Nuf said 


6 thoughts on “It’s bliss to be back home!!

  1. so glad you are HOME and loving it is a big plus… i do believe home is where the heart is, it is no a place, a city or a country. your life in Ireland is your Big Irish Fairy Tale come true… even the happily ever after part

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  2. Dearest Eva,
    Yes, being away for four weeks lets you evaluate your feelings about the place you live! It is good and for coming home with a feeling of happiness and above all gratitude is priceless. Lots of people have no idea what that means! You are blessed in that way.
    I can assure you however that ANY foreign language in the beginning sounds like they’re talking way too fast! It just is that your brains cannot keep up with absorbing and translating (in your head) at the same time… No need for that after a while and you even start dreaming in that language! That means you have made it second nature.
    Enjoy your garden and the awakening of spring.


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