English Classic Car – WIP

I hadn’t planned on doing any new post this week, but as it happened I started to work on this new illustration of this beautiful classic car. I have actually painted it before, but it was a part of another illustration where I had put together several classic cars, all English. And I have posted that illustration here below.

Now I am making this car in a much larger scale, this is one of the cars I really love. It looks very simple, but I think that is what is making it so beautiful. There is a lot of details that is sort of sticking out more if you make it larger.

In this illustration I am using Daler Rowney’s paper 20 x 16 inches, and in this image I have just finished the outlining with the ink.

If you’d like to see more of my work, press on the link below and it will take you to my website:




I have not been doing any new work in a while, life has sort of kept me busy with other things. But having some time off work every now and again is good, and it’s an opportunity to reflect on what is important in life, well work of course is important but one should not let it RUN your life. There is a lot more to it than that, your job is of course bringing money and put foods on the table and a roof over your head, but it is just a fraction of what Life really is. We should live it to the fullest and piece in those little things that we enjoy doing in between all the stress and demands, that for some, our work is putting us under.

Well, I couldn’t write this post without adding a little wee bit of wisdom in there 🙂


How to stay motivated

Have you ever asked yourself how do You stay motivated? Well, I think there are many with me that has had that question in your head from time to time. It is to easy to get caught up in the so called rat race, especially in today’s economical situation. And I think we also spend too much time looking over at our neighbour, thinking they seem to have it all. But is that what you really want?  Do you want what your neighbour has? Or do you want to pursue your own dreams and wishes?

For starters, it is not certain that your neighbour has it all, it might just seem that way at a first glance, they might go through their own struggles but may be good at camouflage them.

It is much better to focus on your own wishes and dreams and go after what you want for you and not what everybody else has. It would be very boring if we all had the same things don’t you think?

Life has so much to offer if we just dare to explore it, and just being grateful for what it is. However sometimes circumstances can prevent us from doing what we want and my favourite expression is that Rome was not built in one day. And if we can keep us self motivated in the meantime then it is really helpful, but sometimes it may be difficult to stay motivated. Especially when you are feeling stressed out and worry about all sorts of things.

Since my dear dad died sudden in a car accident almost twenty years ago, it changed my way of viewing life. Things that were important before and stressed me  became less important. I started to see things differently and I was starting to take life more as it comes. Not making so many stressful plans, but instead enjoying life for what it is. But then again I had to go through a lot of things to get to that point. But I tried to keep myself motivated and do the things I wanted to do and not what other people expected me to do. Never erase yourself for anybody else.

Follow your own goals and dreams! Well it took me some time to figure out my own goals but think I am getting there slowly but surely. The circumstances are different now from what they were twenty odd years ago. No one was really giving a rats as what I did, they were so busy playing the judgemental game and it made me resenting my own country even. But I was given an opportunity that I simply couldn’t miss and I am happy that I started to walk that path. It meant starting from scratch, literally, and believing in myself.

And I motivate myself today by telling myself that I am good enough and I can do anything that I set my mind to. You just have to believe, and life has no short cuts so a great deal of patience is needed as well.

You can do it!