How to stay motivated

Have you ever asked yourself how do You stay motivated? Well, I think there are many with me that has had that question in your head from time to time. It is to easy to get caught up in the so called rat race, especially in today’s economical situation. And I think we also spend too much time looking over at our neighbour, thinking they seem to have it all. But is that what you really want?  Do you want what your neighbour has? Or do you want to pursue your own dreams and wishes?

For starters, it is not certain that your neighbour has it all, it might just seem that way at a first glance, they might go through their own struggles but may be good at camouflage them.

It is much better to focus on your own wishes and dreams and go after what you want for you and not what everybody else has. It would be very boring if we all had the same things don’t you think?

Life has so much to offer if we just dare to explore it, and just being grateful for what it is. However sometimes circumstances can prevent us from doing what we want and my favourite expression is that Rome was not built in one day. And if we can keep us self motivated in the meantime then it is really helpful, but sometimes it may be difficult to stay motivated. Especially when you are feeling stressed out and worry about all sorts of things.

Since my dear dad died sudden in a car accident almost twenty years ago, it changed my way of viewing life. Things that were important before and stressed me  became less important. I started to see things differently and I was starting to take life more as it comes. Not making so many stressful plans, but instead enjoying life for what it is. But then again I had to go through a lot of things to get to that point. But I tried to keep myself motivated and do the things I wanted to do and not what other people expected me to do. Never erase yourself for anybody else.

Follow your own goals and dreams! Well it took me some time to figure out my own goals but think I am getting there slowly but surely. The circumstances are different now from what they were twenty odd years ago. No one was really giving a rats as what I did, they were so busy playing the judgemental game and it made me resenting my own country even. But I was given an opportunity that I simply couldn’t miss and I am happy that I started to walk that path. It meant starting from scratch, literally, and believing in myself.

And I motivate myself today by telling myself that I am good enough and I can do anything that I set my mind to. You just have to believe, and life has no short cuts so a great deal of patience is needed as well.

You can do it!


9 thoughts on “How to stay motivated

  1. Welcome back Eva – have missed you for a few months. This article you wrote is very true. Life throws us many curves and sometimes it is very hard to stay motivated. I think the older you get the less you let all the little things bother you. Maybe because we chose to be less bothered by things that irritate a younger person. Ha Enjoyed your post, good job.

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    1. Thank you so much, I have been caught up in all sorts of things, work mostly but had enough ha ha enough is really enough. I have missed bloggy land, have a break from work this week to do what I enjoy doing 🙂 Hope you are doing well?!

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      1. I am doing ok Eva. Life does get in the way of our fun, especially work. Ha Really glad to have you back – I would check your blog now and then to see if you were back and I had missed a post. 🙂

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  2. Dearest Eva,
    So very, very true! Yes, we have to change our compass at certain times!
    It is impossible to please everyone, meaning in our family and friends, colleagues etc.
    For that reason we always must keep in mind what our own ability is, health wise etc. and follow that.
    Having accomplished a mega task (looked too overwhelming to even think about finishing it…) of scanning all our 36 photo albums, I am now catching up on other things. Meanwhile I found out that both my kidneys only function for 46-48% and that my blood pressure at bed-time has to come down. It should be lower than in the morning when getting up. I had no idea about this… it indicates kidney disease. Well, I’m even more critical about my low-sodium diet and first off, I have cut out stress factors! Being a very active, call it hyper, person I know I have to slow down for my own good. Not easy but these figures were convincing enough to me.
    Also all the toxic people I have to let go of; family or not – it’s their choice. I’ve tried hard enough and will not waste any more energy on any of those.
    Both of us are biking daily, at a slower pace for an eighty-seven year old who is a heart patient. But I’ve noticed that in about 1.5 week time my muscles are stronger and I endure more. Pieter today complained that I left him behind… I easily could if follow my muscle power but I always wait for him and we build in several stops for him and for both of us to drink our water. Only 9 km but it is hilly enough and often hot in the sun, not today after a heavy down pour. We got lucky that we still could go for a spin around 5:30 PM before we had dinner. That’s the perk of cooking big meals so you have some easy evenings. I also will be very strict on eating my supper before 8:00 PM as that is more healthy for a good night sleep too.
    With discipline, instead of chemicals in the form of medication, I want to balance my life and function healthier. And believe me, I will become a pit bull in protecting it and keeping toxic people at bay!
    Sending you hugs and hope you too find still some time for a spin on your bike!

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    1. Hi Mariette,
      Our health is important and no one knows what works best for you than yourself. I am sorry to hear about your kidney failure and hope that you will find a way to manage it, which I see that you do.
      Yes, toxic people is something we don’t need, we don’t need all the negativity etc.
      I do get time to go on a spin with my bike, will try to cover some Km’s today, even though my legs are a bit sore from the running the other day, but biking is so much easier on the muscles.
      Hugs to you too and keep strong and knowing you I know you’ll never give up.
      Have a fantastic day!

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