Illustrating Children’s Books

Hello again!

Hope that you’re all are enjoying the summer, unfortunately here in Ireland we have had a little set back in the weather, but that is Ireland for you. The weather is ever changing and you gotta enjoy the good weather when it arrives.

Anyway, nuff said, I have finally started to venture down a path I have been wanting to do for a long time now, and signed up for a course in Illustrating Children’s Books. I am now studying with London Art College and I received my study material yesterday, it was waiting for me when I got home from work. I am so exited.


To start a course like this means you need to go back to the basics a little bit, working with lines, but it’s always good to do a refresher. And I must say that I really enjoy it, I love to sit and do the warm-up drawings, to sort of loosen up your pen strokes a bit. To work with ink pencils are fantastic.


This is a sample of my exercise for today, here I have worked with lines, shapes and shades. While I was working away on this set, I just drew what was coming to my mind.


I have had these books for a while now, and they will come in handy during this course. I will have up to two years to complete the whole course, and my tutor is Maggy Roberts an illustrator with over 30 years experience as an art tutor. So you can imagine that I feel honoured to partake in this course.


This is another exercise I’ve been doing, learning to draw cartoon characters. This is really fun, and I can feel my artistic mojo coming back again.



10 thoughts on “Illustrating Children’s Books

  1. this will be fun for you but i think you are already a wonderful illurstrator.. i love the boot and the teapot in the first ink practice and this is really good on the boy at the end.. good luck and learn lots and we will be waiting for progress reports.

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  2. Dearest Eva,
    That is something that you really love doing; one can tell!
    Everything you do with passion will yield great results in the end. Not one-two-three but with perseverance and practice it pays off.
    Your other study about forensic science is still on I guess?
    Sending you hugs and best wishes for a real summer as it officially has started.
    Eager to share some of our heat with you!

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    1. Thank you so much Mariette,
      Yes I still study forensic science mostly because it’s a big interest I have, might go deeper into it.

      Some sunny warm weather would be nice even though it’s not cold here but just very cloudy.
      Hope you are having a good start of your summer with enjoying your beautiful garden, cycling, travelling and everything.

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