Different techniques

I am progressing with the course but I am not rushing too fast I am taking time practicing. And of course my normal day job takes up a lot of time during the week. I am working mostly using the ink pens and am also trying different techniques,such as charcoal it’s really nice to work with. 

This is the illustration for the day, it took me several hours and a lot of patient to create it but it was so much worth it and really fun too. 

This is the same eye as I have created using graphite pencils but here I have used charcoal, it was abit tricky but not so bad when you get the hang of it. 

It’s a new week ahead and you never know what lurks behind the bend, that’s what makes life interesting. Or as forest gump said; life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get. I sort of like that expression. Why complicate things and plan life to the minute, when you can just take it for what it is and simplify it. 

As long as I get my coffee every day I am in heaven he he


8 thoughts on “Different techniques

    1. Thank you Betsy, wait until you see the piece I am working on at the moment. I’m hoping to post an update in the weekend. I love having those aha moments πŸ™‚


  1. Dearest Eva,
    You are really on a different road of discovery in your art work! Love the first one, made me think for a minute about the batik paintings in Bali… Love the toadstool and the butterfly.
    Your eye, done in charcoal is really very good!
    Well, as much coffee I’ve drank in my life, especially while living, studying and working in Italy I could not do without my espresso and cappuccino. But now for my kidneys I even have to cut down on anything with caffeine, even regular tea is risky.
    But as you already discovered, why complicate life? We better enjoy and savor in every minute and don’t plan too far ahead.
    Hugs to the both of you.

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