Autumn is on its way…

…but am not ready to say good bye to the Summer just yet. The weather this summer has not been too bad, a little bit of rain but we also had some really nice and sunny days. And this summer himself and I have been on some cool adventures here in Ireland.


We went for a fishing trip to the West of Ireland, at a little pond called Rinroe pond. Well himself was doing the fishing and I was an observer and documenter [hehe]. It was a bit cooler when we went there, hence the winter jackets. When doing rod fishing you have to get up very early in the morning and spend the late hours in the evening, it was very interesting and also fun when we caught a few biggies.

I have been working with the ink pencils as well in between, and here you see a selection of Β them. I enjoy doing the abstract tree’s and they’re sort of taking form as I go along. It is extremely relaxing just letting your creative mind control the direction of the pens.


Grandchild number two was born at the beginning of August πŸ™‚ a baby girl. I can’t wait to go to Sweden and meet them all.

We managed to do a trip down to West Cork as well this year, we spent a little over a week down there, and it is a gorgeous are to visit there’s so many things to see and beautiful spots by the sea. I love anything related to the sea, the weather was a bit varied while we were there, both sunny and the last few days it got very windy and wet. But it was still gorgeous.

As many of you might know himself is a garden designer, and he does not only design and build gardens, he also specialise in treehouse’s and in the video above is the Bespoke treehouse that he designed and built a couple of years ago. You will see the progress from start to finish.

Take a look at his website to see more of his previous work and projects: Β



14 thoughts on “Autumn is on its way…

  1. Hi There, So glad to hear from you. I know I can keep up with you on FB–but it’s nice to blog also. I have been trying to blog more often now.. I had almost stopped completely –but did miss it.

    I would enjoy our summers here IF it were cool like some of the places you have been. I just HATE hot weather –so am ready for Autumn.

    Wow–that big bridge. I kept thinking about who and how they ever built that thing… Unbelievable.

    AND—I love the treehouse…

    Have a great FALL.

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    1. It was an amazing place and we really enjoyed it, so much to see yet in this country. Oh I am falling so behind in blogging these days, but might get some more time this fall. I love your photos from your trips and your garden. I love the sun but not too hot weather though. Enjoy your weekend


  2. I am totally impressed with Mr. O’Brien’s tree house. Wow.. I do love it!!!! the windows are beautiful and I love the roof line to… not fair for both of you to be so talented, all in one family. so happy to see grandbaby number 2 and your photos from your trip are beautiful. that field of flowers is awesome and your designs are amazing.

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